HRSTT: The Great Bowling Ball Heist

Hot Rats StoryTime Theater
The Great Bowling Ball Heist
By Channing McCleod (Hot Rattus Emeritus)

Hmmmm…..I’m not exactly sure what the impetus was for the Great Bowling Ball Heist, but you can rest assured that ‘death and destruction’ were near the top of the list.

While I distinctly recall my role in the heist, and the ‘heist-er’, I don’t recall who else was directly involved with the Bowling Ball. If memory serves me correctly, I was hanging around the Architecture building with Robert Ammerman (I think)…..”What we need is something heavy…..” came up in conversation. I knew just the thing and how to get it. That’s where Kathy McPherson comes in…..(looking completely angelic I might add).
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Lights Out

It was in 1997, late into the second season of ‘Savannah’, where we’d moved into new digs on the east side of Atlanta. It was about six miles or so outside the perimeter but technically considered part of Decatur. The new ‘stage’ was nicer than the old one, and we had settled into a nice shooting routine.

Which gave us a little bit of time for hijincks….

I hadn’t intended to play a prank on my friend Glenn Ballard on that fateful day, it just kind of happened. There I was, at a urinal in the men’s restroom at the stage. I was kind of finishing up when Glenn happened to walk in and head into a stall for a more-involved evacuative process. Small talk ensued as I washed my hands. On the way out, as an afterthought, I flipped off the lights and kept going…despite Glenn’s wail of “Dreeeeeewwww”. Oh yeah, there was Matt Whiteside’s wail too. See, I hadn’t noticed there was an electrician in one of the other stalls…I mean, who checks these things?

But, no harm, everybody made it out safe.

It could of course have ended there….
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HRSTT: Fire on the Lido Deck

Hot Rats StoryTime Theater
Fire on the Lido Deck
By Channing McCleod (Hot Rattus Emeritus)

During the Spring Quarter of our 3rd year as Hot Rats, fires began to burn within most of us…..for fires to burn.

There was a new guy in studio (Steve?), and he was strangely distant from the rest of us Rats. I suppose our band of merry madness was hard to join….Well ‘Steve’ was short on class participation, long on opinion, and his ‘Box with Spikes’ project had a striking resemblance to the Hejduc Boxes that Jim Williamson had under construction. So when he ‘disappeared’ from class and was gone for 3 weeks or so without even bothering to come get his stuff, we (O.K…..I ) assumed that he had quit school never to return. All the while, the Hot Rats were working themselves into a feeding frenzy of late nights, hot days, long hours and projects that seemed to be endless.
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HRSTT: John Wood’s Merriest Christmas!

Hot Rats StoryTime Theater
John Wood’s Merriest Christmas!
By Your Pal Drew (Hot Rattus Emeritus)

The boys over at the 10th Street Collaborative announced that they were having a Christmas Party.

Now, the 10th Street Collaborative was comprised of Mark Gardner, Tony Caparoso, Rick Odom and Tim Hagan and at some point in the fourth year they started calling their house (and themselves) by that precociously stylish, completely marketable title. Nevermind that they weren’t actually practicing architecture yet, not in any big sense of the word anyway. But the name was good and their house was on the north side of 10th street and there you go.
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HRSTT: The Amazing Mayonnaise Bridge

Hot Rats StoryTime Theater
John Wood Takes a Nap (or The Amazing Mayonnaise Bridge)
By Channing McCleod (Hot Rattus Emeritus)

At some point during our third year in the Architecture program at Georgia Tech, we ‘enjoyed’ yet another series of long days and nights to ‘finish’ projects that were without hope of completion or success. One of our merry cast (John Wood to name names) was having an exceptionally hard time getting his ‘banjo trusses’ and fabric sculpture roofing to morph into…..well, anything. Some of you may also remember that John was dealing with some depression during this episode….but I digress. After pulling his collective crap together, and staying up for 2 or 3 days straight, John pulled off his project and had something worth presenting to the jury…..with minutes to spare….
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