Original Hot Rats Newsletters Now Available!

I’ve turned all of my copies of Steve Shockley’s newsletters to our architecture class into PDF files. Now you can just click on these for those times when you’re seized with nostalgia for the good old days at Ma Tech. Scroll through soccer game recaps, Beaux Arts ball discussions, strange cartoons and Shockster’s obssessive devotion to Carolyn Machuga and Kathy Lewis.

Cartoon by architect Matt Greer

Click here to download Year One of the Hot Rats on a Stick Newsletter


Hot Rats Newsletter Year Two

Click here to download Year Two of the Hot Rats on a Stick Newsletter


Thanks to Steve Shockley for recording this era in our history.

Garden Virgin

I’m taking a turn at being a gardener this year, as my Dad finally gave in to the fact that you can buy cheap and tasty vegetables at the grocery store with absolutely no exposure to dirt, biting insects or perspiration. Since I’ve never planted or maintained a garden on my own I reasoned that if I had any questions, I could ask my Dad for his experienced advice. I think that he liked this plan even better than me because it meant that he could stand back and tell me exactly what I’m doing wrong….over and over again. What’s not to love about that? However, having watched years and years of his gardening incidents, I harbor little hope that many of the crops I’ve planted will survive the onslaught of hungry bugs and slugs.
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