Hot Pants Hornung Hobbled By Hurt Hoof

Hotpants Hornung Hot Rat alum Erica “Hotpants” Hornung was downed this summer by an ankle injury that she claims was incurred while “stepping off a curb”. While I may not approve of Erica’s new occupation, I must congratulate her on her sense of style. Last week Erica wrote in to say that her foot was healed and that she was “working a convention” in Texas. Furthermore, she was dancing for a man who hired her and “eating lots of red meat”. We’ve been assured that these photos are the genuine article.

Pink and Green and Bruised All Over

About a month or two ago I was talking to Paul Huggins and he mentioned that I should come over to play paintball with the gang at Scenario. The very first time I went I just hid inside the building and watched. The next time I went I brought along a video camera and shot some footage, then put the camera away and played with a borrowed paintball gun.
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