The Return of the Hejduk Box

Tim Hagan and the Hejduk Box
Here’s a picture that may or may not bring back memories for you. It’s the Hejduk Box (pronounced “Hedge-Duck Yacht”). This was near the end of the box’s stay in the new building. I was taking a photography class and Tim Hagan was kind enough to swim through the bottom of my shot to help me get an ‘A’ for the class. Hmmm, on reflection, I ‘m not quite sure how he did that…..but…we WERE drinking a lot that day, and a lot of people were doing a LOT of patently impossible things. I think that Mike Knapick may have stuck 11 x-actos in his leg just to get attention. I just can’t remember for sure……

Six Degrees of Cooking

Six Degrees Cookbook Slow times down here in Drewville. Slow enough that I’ve had time to complete the “Six Degrees of Cooking” recipe book, which you can download here. Thanks to everybody who had time to contribute a recipe. Please take a moment to flip through the PDF and see if you spot anyone you know…six degrees of separation and all. The cookbook is free, it’s small enough to email to your friends (736kb) and is for a good cause (contributing food to your local food bank). Send it along to anyone you know who might enjoy a fun recipe book!