The 22 Stages of Architecture School All-Nighters

Carey in Stage 2 of an Architecture School All-Nighter
Students of Architecture intimately know the meaning of the term “all-nighter” and as an alumnus of Georgia Tech’s architecture program I feel that it is important that I share with you, my internet pals, each of the various stages that you pass through during an all-nighter so that you might better navigate the dicey straits of educationally-induced sleep deprivation if ever you chance to find yourself staring down the barrel of an 8:30am class deadline. What follows is a typical night before the deadline for a typical architecture student….
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Pirate Palooza

Well now’s about as good a time as any to announce to the world at large that Pirate Palooza 2005 is officially on for September 17th, the Saturday of International Talk Like a Pirate Weekend. Pirate Palooza is going to be a pirate-themed pub crawl through dowtown Decatur, Georgia. The Official Pirate Palooza website is now online. Pirate Palooza will culminate in a pub sing performed by popular local groups who specialize in Irish folk songs, English sailing ditties and other popular pub classics, skewed toward pirate-themes of course. Naturally we expect for everyone to dress in pirate garb, even if it’s only an eyepatch or a bandana tied around your head. Follow the link above for more information!

Firefly : Special Sneak Peek

This week I attended a special screening of the film ‘Serenity’, the third such pre-release audience test screening to visit Atlanta in the last eight weeks. Based on the failed FOX network series ‘Firefly’, this movie represents a Very Big Thing to the world of science fiction fandom; one of the very few times that a cancelled television show is moved up to the silver screen with creator, cast and crew intact (think: Star Trek). Before the movie began there was a brief, pre-recorded introduction by the show’s creator/director, Joss Whedon (aka Joyce Wilber, aka Jox Wheaty, aka Jake Wheelbarrow and any other other intentional mispronunciation I could think of to elicit wails of frustration from the man’s fans).
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20 Year Class Reunion Redux

Redneck Reunion
Well it’s all over but the mopping up; the 20th anniversary reunion of the Riverdale Senior High School Class of 1985 is safely behind me and I can look forward to at least another decade of living for bigger and better things. As I sailed out of the luxurious Airport Hilton back to my car, a loosely organized, marginally interesting, group of mullet-coiffed thoughts crowded for first place on the stage of my instant replay memory machine. More than anything, I realized my dream of some sort of perspective-inducing cinematic high school reunion (ala John Cusack) was ridiculously out of reach. The best and the worst of the night were mere bullet items…
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NewsRadio Finally On DVD

Gaziza! After a year-long delay, seasons 1 and 2 of one of the funniest, best-written, best-performed American sitcoms of the 1990’s is finally available for purchase: NBC’s “NewsRadio”. I’ll spare you the twenty page thesis that I could write on why this series was so brilliant and simply state that this is one of those rare television series layered with so many gags that you’ll discover new things with subsequent viewings of each episode. Log off the internet, get off the couch, walk out of the house and drive down to your local DVD store and hand them US$30 (plus sales tax if applicable) this very instant, it’s that good. Lovingly enhanced by the show’s producer, staff and cast, this 3 DVD set abounds with extras, notably the great audio commentaries available for every episode. Starring Dave Foley, Phil Hartman, Stephen Root, Maura Tierney, Vicki Lewis, Joe Rogan, Khandi Alexander and Jon Lovitz. Why are you still sitting here? Go!! Hurry before they run out.

20 Year Class Reunion

For the past three or four months I’ve been getting emails reminding me of the approach of my 20th High School reunion, something I’m ambivalent about attending. While I appreciate the importance of the nostalgia attached to reuniting with kids from grade school, the ever-increasing onslaught of pre-reunion emails from the diligent planning committee are beginning to wear on my nerves. For instance, today I received a 20 item questionnaire that I’m supposed to fill out and send back to the organizing committee. I found myself writing down answers that I would love to send in if only I had the nerve. Thank goodness I have my own website.
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Spectre, Shatner and Shorts

Shatner Industrial Film
This weekend I attended a tiny science fiction convention called ‘Sci Fi Summer Con’ for the second year in a row. In my opinion the very best thing this fledgling convention has going for it is the ‘Board Room’ where a gentleman (whose name I have yet to learn) runs a 16mm projector for most of the day, showing old television shows, old movie trailers and ancient industrial films featuring celebrities from the world of science fiction.
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Making of The Lady From Sockholm

lynn lamousin Last week I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with local Atlanta filmmaker Lynn Lamousin to discuss her recent project “The Lady from Sockholm”, which is set to make its World Premiere this month at the 2005 Atlanta Film Festival. Plan to be in your seats by 5pm at the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, June 12th for a movie that’s sure to put you in stitches.

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