Goonie Spotting

Autographed Goonies DVD Box This article is two years late but it’s very important because it represents my first in-the-field Goony sighting. It was back in 2003 and Michael Valverde was shooting his low-budget indie film ‘No Witness’ here in Atlanta. I’d been hired to make some prop paperwork for the show and dropped by set at the Holiday Inn Conference Center in downtown Decatur (Georgia).
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Turner Developing American Dr. Who Series?

TARDIS hovering over Turner Studios
If rumors of TBS/Turner developing a new television series based on the legendary BBC series “Dr. Who” are true then these may be the first spy photos to reveal the look of the new Americanized T.A.R.D.I.S. (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) vehicle (which is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, unlike a portable toilet – especially in the summertime) used by the titular character. In the original series the main character, an extraterrestrial being from a race called the “Time Lords”, travels through time and space in a 1950’s/1960’s style telephone booth reserved for official police matters. While the character (known simply as “The Doctor”) is not a law enforcement agent, he does manage to foil countless evil schemes and alien invasions. The original series ran for 30 years straight in the UK before taking a ten year sabbatical, returning to the BBC for the 2004-2005 television season. But what would make TBS think that it could succeed with the character when its avowed enemy FOX couldn’t make the show fly back in 1996?
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Robocop 3 Revisted

This past weekend I was flipping channels and was surprised to see the final epic 15 minutes of the 1991 film “Robocop 3”, which was the first movie I ever worked on as a crewmember (beginning as an intern then later as third props, after my friend Dwight went to a different movie). Over the last couple of years I’ve slowly realized that this D-grade movie was stock full of actors that are now among my absolute favorites, including Rip Torn (Larry Sanders Show) and Stephen Root (NewsRadio). I don’t think that I’ve seen Robocop 3 since it came out at the theater so it was with great interest that I watched the sad little finale battle scene staged along Peters Street, just a few blocks south of the Georgia Dome (it was shot before the Georgia Dome was ever even designed). As I watched the action unfold the lead actress struck me as being really, really familiar as if I’d seen her in something that was currently on television. Jumping over onto IMdB I was dumbstruck to find out that the actress in question (Jill Hennessy) plays Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh on the hit NBC series “Crossing Jordan”. Just one more name for me to add to my list of cool people who worked on Robo 3.

Dakota Blue : Wine Tuesdays

Tucked away inside of the historic Grant Park neighborhood less than a mile from the Georgia State Capital, Dakota Blue is a restaurant that would seem forever destined to remain below the radar of mainstream Atlanta diners. From the quiet, tree-lined streets to the recurring hopscotch etchings left on the sidewalk by neighborhood children, the word ‘charm’ isn’t far from mind when you start looking for descriptions for this small burrito bar. July marks the beginning of something new for Dakota Blue: Second Tuesday Wine Tastings.
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The Time I Worked for Joe Pytka

Joe Pytka is often described as the most talented, most prolific, most influential commercial director of All Time (even with the severe ding for “Space Jam” subtracted from his scorecard). The depth and breadth of Pytka’s work is nothing short of incredible and advertising agencies line up to kiss his butt ALL DAY LONG. And Your Pal Drew worked for Mr. Pytka for a couple of days back in the late 1990’s. Of course it was an adventure….
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Athlete : Wires

Since I’ve had XM radio I have found a handful of bands that electrify me the first time that I hear them. From Snow Patrol to Air to Keane, the latest, most incredible pop hits me enough to keep my inspiration clock ticking. The latest band on the scene is Athlete, who I heard a month or so back. Tonight I was listening to Geoffrey Brown’s song “Bea Arthur” in iTunes and saw a link for downloading Athlete’s latest hit “Wires” for FREE. Go check it out for yourselves to see if it’s still up there for download because it’s a great song; atmospheric with a hip, measured pace, the lyrics trip down corridors through automatic doors… got to get to you, got to see this through. Wait, those are lyrics. Download the song, buy the album. The band is Athlete, the song is Wires. Listen to ‘Wires’ in iTunes now

Batman Begins

[rate 4.5]
This review is a tad tardy and wholly unnecessary as there are five kazillion reviews of the movie online now, but if you’re interested in the opinion of someone who won a writing competition to be IN the first Michael Keaton Batman movie, here goes:

I’m giving this movie four and a half bats out of five.

I saw ‘Batman Begins’ at the 12:01am Atlanta premiere with a theater full of fans, which always tends to make an action-adventure movie more fun to watch although it does make it harder to see the screen when there are 200 little Bat-Ears poking up from everyone’s costumes.
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Little Lost Traveler

I dropped by a standalone ice cream shop called Bruster’s over in Morrow this afternoon, ostensibly to grab myself a chocolate shake. While I was waiting for them to make it I spotted a lizard-like orange foot around the corner from the ordering window. Peering around that corner I saw a pigeon standing patiently on the curb like he was waiting on a bus. He looked over at me nonchalantly like a Disney character might do. Then I spotted the tag on his ankle….
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