Green Valley to Escape Low-Budget Ghetto?

I was flipping through the Atlanta Business Chronicle a week ago and ran across a story about a local production company, Green Valley Entertainment (GVE), which (at least for a brief moment) was stepping outside of the industry-centric publication rounds and into the spotlight of Atlanta’s conventional business community. Interestingly, this article focused on lesser-known writing partner Steve Antczak instead of the higher profile front-man, producer/director Michael Valverde. Writer Rachel Tobin Ramos focuses her article on GVE’s business plan and how GVE hopes to employ innovation and hustle to compete with Hollywood’s muscle using a mix of old-school distribution techniques, targeted audience blitzes and viral internet campaigns. Ms. Ramos resists being a simple booster for GVE by citing the problems associated with these marketing techniques, referencing existing studios like Troma Entertainment that already employ similar techniques.
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War of the Worlds (2005)

[rate 4]
I have to hand it to Steven Spielberg, he really goes all out when he makes a movie. On the way home from seeing ‘War of the Worlds’ tonight the world was alight with intermittent flashes of lightning, illuminating the dark roiling skies from within like giant lanterns. Chances are, if I’d seen the silhouette of a city water tower tossed into sharp relief I would have driven straight off the road into the trees and not stopped running until next May.

I’m giving this movie four out of five alien tripods.

It would have only been six but I’m buying off the Scientologists with an extra point so they’ll stay off of my back. Johnny T., QUIT calling man – I keep telling you that I’m Methodist!!
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