Box Robot Flashmob Challenge

Robot CupWikipedia defines a Flash Mob as: a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual or notable, and then disperse. They are usually organized with the help of the Internet or other digital communications networks. This is the first and only issuance of my 2005 Dragon*Con Flashmob Challenge, so pay attention and synchronize your watches….
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The Boswell Gallery Opens in Decatur

boswell gallery At the end of chores last Saturday I headed over to Decatur and sat down to interview artist Elliott Boswell about his latest endeavor, an art gallery fittingly named The Boswell Gallery’. The Boswell is currently featuring works by six different painters, one photographer and a wire sculptor. podcast
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Heinous Bienfang

heinous album Your Pal Drew scored the “iPodCast” of the season when indie-scene rocker Heinous Bienfang agreed to an audience at the Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon just one week before his band’s much anticipated re-appearance at a farewell concert for the Black Box Rehearsal Spaces (154 Krog Street) just south of Little Five Points. Tune in as we discuss Krispy Kreme, Mickey’s Big Mouths, Krystal’s, fish and Continue reading Heinous Bienfang

Build Your Own Bubble Fort

Build a Bubblefort! Boy oh boy are we ever spoiled these days. When the temperature outside soars we just crank up the air. Air-conditioning has become so ubiquitous that you can go from home to work and back again without ever breaking a sweat. As the cost of fuel and electricity continue to escalate, we’re eventually going to find ourselves forced to cut back on how we cool our homes and places of business and I think that I know the answer: The Bubble Fort.
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Crazy in L.A.

Los Angeles has the well-earned reputation of being a haven for lunatics and people whose only contact with reality is the occasional natural disaster. As all the other highlights of my recent trip to LA’s sunny shores have subsided into distant two week-old memories, I find that I’m left with the piquant after-taste of lunacy. Three slight events stand out: I remember seeing a disoriented man in a Hollywood Starbuck’s, the “cane man” who shouted at anyone who came near him on the sidewalk (passed him twice, shouting “Rarrrrrr!!!” both times), but the big winner of the LA Weirdness Award for this year’s trip was the kid from the Puzzle Zoo down in Santa Monica….
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Long Lost Savannah Crew Photo

Savannah Crew Photo Back around 1996 we wrapped production of the Aaron Spelling television series ‘Savannah’. As things drew to an end the producers organized a crew photo in the riverboat set, unfortunately the folks in Los Angeles never bothered to send that photo to any of us. Knowing better than to trust in Los Angeles I brought my own camera setup to work that day. For a larger version click here (opens in a new window). For those of you who worked on the show see how many of your former crewmates you can spot. For those of you who were fans of the show see how many of the castmembers you can spot!


For the last five or six years I’ve become fascinated with the common usage of the word “actually”. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines actually as meaning “in fact” or “in reality” as well as “to convey wonder, surprise or incredulity” which is the way that you almost always see the word used in print. For example…
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Are You Guys For Real??

I don’t travel by air very often so when I do it’s always a new experience because there’s nothing more impermanent than airport layouts, regardless of locale. Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport seems to have achieved a permanent state of construction, somewhat similar to the Shikinen Sengu ceremony held in Japan’s Mie Prefecture every 20 years wherein the Kotai Jingu of the Ise Jingu Shrines are torn down and rebuilt a few feet away from their former location. Whereas the recurring razing and rebuilding of those Japanese temple buildings is steeped in rich tradition, Hartsfield International’s constant flurry of activity is grounded in something far more tangible to the modern man: money, power and security. That last part is what this article is about…
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Birds bar in Hollywood Monday was my last night in Los Angeles and my friend Tally and her buds David and Erin invited me to hang out with them at a local hangout named Birds. At their suggestion I booked a room three streets down at the Best Western on Franklin, which only turned out to be the same hotel that I stayed in on my very first trip out to L.A. back in the mid-90’s.
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