Scott Stephens’ Passing

This past week word went up around Atlanta that Scott Stephens passed away unexpectedly at home. Scott was among that group of people who, in the 1980’s, helped forge the professional film and commercial community that exists in Atlanta today and was one of the earliest members of the IATSE Local 479, the Atlanta chapter of a professional union for motion picture technicians. Scott worked between Atlanta and Los Angeles as a Propmaster on feature films and television series, but his heart always led him back to the South. Ironically, his heart would occasionally fell him in the height of battle – Scott had heart disease. Everyone who knows Scott has heard some version of the story of how he had a heart attack while on the set of “Dances With Wolves”. That had to be a great story for Scott to break out at wrap parties as film crews are always trying to top each other with the weird and wild things they’ve witnessed on set.
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Running on Fumes

burger sackOkay, who’s the wiseacre that let Trump’s kids back in to Burger King’s ad department? What you see here is an unmodified, un-Photohopped scan of an advertisement from a take-out bag from Burger King that I was given a week or two back. I was sitting there watching television, eating a hamburger, reading a magazine, sipping a soda, when my eyes happened to land on the bag. I immediately sensed something was wrong but it took me four times through this paragraph to spot the error. I wonder how many of these went out before somebody caught the error. Scratch that. I wonder if anybody caught the error. Can YOU spot it?
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Trogdor*Con 1997

Trogdor Con A few weeks ago I didn’t have anything to do and nobody was hanging around down at the Stick so I went downtown to Trogdor*Con to check out the babes. I was trying to drink a Cold One when this dude got all up in my face about standing in front of his booth. He was all, “Hey, Dumbledork, are you gonna, like, BUY something or are you just a stupid, like, guy or somethin’?” I looked down and there was this shirtless guy wearing a cool mask and typing something on a laptop computer… totally all DOS stuff too. It was weird. HE was weird. And he was selling stuff.
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PiratePalooza 2005 Recap

Well PiratePalooza 2005 is over. Technically, it was over early Sunday morning but I’ve been so slammed at the office that I’m only getting around to writing about this latest project of mine. To everyone who made it out to play in Decatur, THANK YOU for your participation – wasn’t it awesome? To those of you who didn’t make it read on and find out what you missed!
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Grow Games

Grow Games Here, you be obsessed for awhile. I found a free online game this weekend and have been obsessed with solving its strange little animated puzzles ever since. All you do is to select things and watch what happens to “grow” the scene further. Done in the correct order the game reveals new animated sequences and new relationships between all the various pieces. It’s kind of like building a Rube Goldberg device. My favorite game is the Grow Cube. Click on over there and play it a little now… I need some other people to get hooked on this thing. Happy Monday!

Curb Your Enthusiasm (on DVD)

Some people find it incomprehensible that I have survived all these years without cable television and up until recently I took great pride in my ability to resist that expensively juicy electronic teat but September of two thousand and five is when I arrived late to the party for the HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (CYE) starring “Seinfeld” Co-Creator Larry David. In the past two weeks I’ve been mainlining all four seasons on DVD and kicking myself for missing out on the glorious fun of a guy who thinks that the character of George Costanza is normal because it would’ve have been fun to talk about the show with people when it was still fresh. Even worse, it turns out that I’ve worked on TWO films with one of Larry’s co-stars, Jeff Garlin, once in the early 90’s and once in the late 90’s after CYE had aired. If you’re a rabbit ears person like me and if you enjoyed the Seinfeld show then drop by your local Blockbusters and pick up the first season of this show. You’ll love it or you’ll hate it. Me? I can’t stop watching.

Box Robot : Full Report

Box Robots and Hot Girls Go Together
Well what do you know, the whole box robot thing actually happened. Back when I was finishing my first screenplay in 2003 I added a bit about a guy wandering around the background of a scene in a badly made cardboard robot costume… who knew it might be funnier in real life? Heck, we even won a prize. But I’m getting ahead of myself. If you don’t know what I’m talking about click over and read the article “Box Robot Flashmob Challenge” first. The rest of you who are up to speed can do a slam cut to: The Marriott Marquis, downtown Atlanta, Labor Day Weekend, Dragon*Con. I found myself sitting on the Garden Level lobby of the remarkable Marriott Marquis hotel…
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