The Art Barrier

Darkside of the Garden
I know that art is subjective and that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but it’s hard to remember artistic aphorisms when you’re staring down the barrel of somebody’s trashy art collection. How many times have you found yourself turning your head sideways trying to make sense of what I like to call a “disaster in oil” perched on someone’s living room wall? How many times have you squeezed out an appreciative, knowing smile when that art-proud owner gestures toward a framed testament to bad taste to announce that it’s a “What-cha-ma-kinsky” as though the works of “Whatchamakinsky” were being taught in schools and sought after by money-laden 1980’s era Japanese businessmen? The reality is that very few of us will ever buy work by an artist who will break out and gain notoriety, the signal-to-noise ratio is simply too high. The best we can hope to do is to bore our friends and acquaintances with our perceived good taste.

Having said all that, I’d like to tell you about my latest purchase of a Whatchamakinsky, aka Atlanta artist Leann Zafuto, whose work is currently being shown at boswellGallery in Decatur. I think that Leann’s work stands a very good chance of breaking the Art Barrier and I’d recommend that you consider picking up one of her paintings while she’s still affordable.
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Webdesign Club

You are not your Technorati ranking.
You are not your Flickr Account.
You are not your Podcast.
You are not your Last-FM playlist.
You are not your Valid XHTML.
You are not your Site Traffic.
You are not an entire range of web things.

Then why am I so obsessed with learning to make websites like Jon Hicks, Veerle Pieters, Dan Cederholm and a handful of other really talented web design bloggers?
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Reading Jack McDevitt

Seeker by Jack McDevitt
I’ve almost finished reading every Jack McDevitt novel on the shelf and am wondering how long it’s going to take for this Georgia-based author to deliver his next book to his publishers. If you enjoy mystery, archaeology, adventure and disaster on a cosmic scale then you need to trot down to your nearest bookseller and announce in a very clear voice “I would very much like to purchase a book by Mister Jack McDevitt please M’am”. Just be sure that (unlike me) you begin reading McDevitt’s books in the proper order…
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Dimaggio, Mantle, Storch & The Jet-Set Crowd

Mickey Mantle and Larry Storch
I was putting some things in storage a few weeks ago and ran across a strange pair of autographs that my folks collected on vacation back in the 1970’s. My Dad often qualified for his company’s Achievement Club, a club whose members were rewarded with vacations to exotic spots like Acapulco and Puerto Rico. One year he and my Mom joined the other winners for a week in the Riviera. One night, while living it up eating handfuls of olives in a Monte Carlo casino, my Dad spotted baseball legend and coffee spokesman Joe Dimaggio across the room, flocked by fans of baseball (and perhaps coffee). Apparently the casino was full of the famous and near-famous because soon enough my Dad spotted baseball mega-legend Mickey Mantle seated in a booth over near the wall, relatively undisturbed and enjoying a drink with someone. In the same situation I would probably have left them both alone but thankfully my Dad went over to Mickey to get his autograph…
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