Mary-Lynn Rajskub’s Amazingly Animated Ass

Mary-Lynn Rajskub Animated Ass
If you’re not a fan of the Fox television series ’24’ you’re probably unaware that actress Mary-Lynn Rajskub has become the gold standard for sexy nerd girls with her portrayal of super computer jockette Chloe O’Brien. Mary-Lynn’s pouty lips, her thousand pixel stare and breathless delivery of lines like “deactivation of the encrypted file relay” has ensured that she will forever be lusted after by pear-shaped code jockeys the world over (myself included). What’s funny is that I’ve done two shows featuring Mary-Lynn: the first was “Run Ronnie Run” (her scenes were shot in LA), and “Sweet Home Alabama”. It was on “Sweet Home” that I became forever fascinated with Mary-Lynn’s ass.

We were shooting in Crawfordville, a little town between Atlanta and Augusta. It was a scene in the movie when Reese’s character Melanie stops by the bank to get some money after discovering that there are no ATMs in the fictional town of Pigeon Creek. As it turns out, Mary-Lynn’s character Dorothea is the only teller in that small town bank and she proceeds to have a page or two of dialogue with Melanie.

Director of Photography Andrew Dunn likes to “blow out” a room with light, which he accomplishes by having the electricians put a 10k or a 12k inside of the room, aimed toward the ceiling. Incredibly bright, they fill a space with light and help to bring a shot to life. Unfortunately they’re really, really HOT. A call came across the radio for someone from props to run a box fan over to the bank set.. I’m not sure if it was my co-2nd, George Lee, or 1st AD Louis D’Esposito. Regardless, I walked the box fan into the building, dodged under a tangle of C-stands and slipped into the space behind Mary-Lynn. They were really trying to get that scene finished and were rolling hot and heavy so I pulled up an applebox beside grip Gary Oldknow and sat quietly, contemplating an upcoming Christmas party that I’d been invited to by a girl I’d met earlier that year. Gary tapped my arm with the back of his hand to get my attention and when I looked up he silently nodded in the direction behind me so I pivoted around to look.

At first I didn’t see anything. When they called “rolling” I kept looking in that direction and suddenly realized that we had a great view of Mary-Lynn’s ass. She had on blue jeans and though they weren’t skin tight they were snug enough to outline her shape. Ding. In walks Reese from outside, trades comments with the security guard, walks to the counter. Ding. Mary-Lynn starts talking to Reese.

And her ass starts “talking”.

Every time Mary-Lynn spoke her butt muscles twitched. It was if her jaw muscles were wired to her tush. The way her ass pulsed was mesmerising, I couldn’t take my eyes off that ass. Glancing back at Gary, I received an ever-so-slight nod that I had spotted what he wanted me to see.

The next take? The same, maybe artsier twitching.

Mary-Lynn, you had me at “squishy-squishy”.

You can find photos from “Sweet Home Alabama” in my “Sweet Home Alabama” Gallery on Flickr! [thanks to traffic from Fark I realized that this link was broken – it’s now repaired, enjoy!]

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  1. Caught sight of her posterior this season, when she was handcuffed and forced to the ground in one episode of “24.” She has a very nice heinie.

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