HotRats Reunion

Troubadour Greg Halsall
Next weekend will mark the 15th Anniversary of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Architecture Undergraduate Class of 1991, better known to you and me as The HotRats. HotRats from across the United States will be flying into Atlanta to meet over the course of the weekend. In honor of this event HotRat Emeritus Channing McCleod has gifted us with images from his personal library of very early photographs of the class. Photos after the break!
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Box Robots 2 : The Floppy 503rd

Box Robot Troopers
Note: Due to schedule problems several of us have already built our box robots. Also Note that there has been a change from Sunday to Saturday.
It’s nearly that time again kids, Dragon*Con is only a fortnight away! If you’re planning to be in attendance at this year’s convention and you want to do something that’s indescribably fun then pay attention: I am hereby issuing my 2nd Annual Box Robot Flashmob Challenge, this time with a twist. This year I am challenging people to meet me on Sunday, September 3rd, strike that, on Saturday, September 2nd, at 1:30pm, on or near the exterior balcony of the Hyatt’s lobby bar, to build robot suits from cardboard boxes. To participate in this event you must provide your own cardboard boxes (if possible try to collect white boxes), enough of them to make a suit that will cover your torso, your head, your arms and legs. You are also going to need to bring a cardboard tube.
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Trade-in Your friends


Famed radio news anchor Bill McNeal once said: “Dave, there comes a time in every friendship when you have to say, “I never liked you, get lost!”” I’ve been ruminating on a similar, slightly less insane variation of that concept since June and am finally ready to frame those thoughts in pixels for better or worse. Fueled by disappointment, filtered by introspection and flavored with perspective I have finally experienced an earthrending paradigm shift: not all of my friends are my Friends. And it may be time to trade some of those people in for some real Friends.

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That Sinking Feeling

This Thursday I found myself finishing up lunch at Willy’s Mexicana Grill, a chain of restaurants on the same model as the uber-franchise Joe’s Southwest Grill and the only place I’ve found a soft taco that uses diced cabbage as a topping (think: slaw-taco). As I stood up to discard my napkins in a nearby trash can I felt a weird sensation on my backside, just below my belt. It was some kind of movement, which definitely wasn’t the correct sensation to be having along my backside in a restaurant full of people…
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