Not an Artist? It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Bauder College
Dear Bauder College,
Thank you for your interest in the field of Graphic Design. I found your newest television commercial, in which a representative for your school cheerfully proclaims “Not an artist? It doesn’t matter anymore!”, to be particularly exciting as it helped prove a point that I’ve long been trying to convey to my colleagues in the arts. The reason I’m writing this open letter to you is to express my happiness that you’ve had the guts to take a Post-Modern leadership position on what makes a person an artist. Thank you for stating unequivocally, as an institution of higher learning, that sophisticated graphics software has finally reached a state that eliminates the requirement that the operator have even a passing knowledge of Continue reading Not an Artist? It Doesn’t Matter Anymore

I Love Hosket!!!1

Hosket is Great!!Up until about a month ago I’d never been to a hockey game in my life. I knew nothing of the sport other than that it was loud, cold, involved the consumption of copious amounts of beer and often involved bench clearing brawls. Sure, I’ve ice skated a few times in my life and I’ve owned an official team jersey for going on two years, but that’s just because I spilled ice cream all over my shirt at an arena football game and decided that the Atlanta Thrashers jersey was the best looking option in CNN Center (a decision greatly aided by beer). But nothing had prepared me for the electric thrill of this game. Finally, thanks to my friends Lisa and Lawrence Sharp, I have a much broader, more comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the sport. For instance, the hockey girls in the blue sweaters and miniskirts Continue reading I Love Hosket!!!1

Safety Yellow: HUMP!!

Safety Yellow Hump!!!If pressed to pick a favorite color I’d have to go with what we here in the United States call “Safety Yellow”. If I had to guess, I’d say that my affinity for this arresting color began with my interest in Winnie the Pooh (actually, his pot of honey). It soon shifted to an awed respect of a giant Tonka crane (which I still have), it was boosted by a very cool “adventure man” truck toy (which I would pay $100 to own again), it was set afire by a beautifully tanned blonde (in a safety yellow bikini) on a Florida beach who absolutely Continue reading Safety Yellow: HUMP!!