The Price of Nostalgia

Remember when movie tickets were less than two dollars?Last weekend I got a call from someone who was working on a film project that required a slight tip of the hat to that most iconic space operas of our modern age. While I was busy digging out some of my old reference books two tiny scraps of paper fluttered to the ground. When I picked them up my eyes practically goggled as I realized that I’d discovered a couple of really old movie tickets that could have only come from a trip to see one of the installments for the original Star Wars Continue reading The Price of Nostalgia

Chipper Jones’ 400th Career Homerun

Thanks to my friends Chele and Kevin “Captain Danger” Snow, I was witness to Chipper Jones’ 400th career homerun this past Thursday night at Turner Field, near downtown Atlanta. The sad part is, I didn’t realize that Chipper was up for his 400th HR, so I didn’t get my camera out until he was around 3rd base, headed for home.

And while it has nothing to do with this post, I’d like to remind you that today marks the anniversary of D-Day.