The Day That Drew Stood Still

Fox is about to release a remake of the Hollywood classic “The Day the Earth Stood Still” in a week or so and I realized that this is as good a time as any to tell you the story of my connection to the original 1951 version of that film. Be warned: it is a long and rambling story, filled with teenage nudity, a strip club, a Waffle Continue reading The Day That Drew Stood Still

How to Make Traditional Southern Chicken Cornbread Dressing

This Thanksgiving I insisted that we shoot a video of the preparation of my Mom’s chicken dressing, considered by many to be a true test of a Southern woman’s cooking chops. To my friends outside the Southeast United States it may appear that this recipe simply calls for five quarts of flavored fat, some protein (chicken), and a binding agent (cornbread). BUT!!! Until you’ve had the opportunity to have this recipe explode in your mouth, you don’t know what you’re missing. And believe me, I’ve watched people from Los Angeles fall to pieces when they encounter southern cooking, especially if somebody calls it “soul food”. While this recipe changes all the time, you can download the recipe (including the ingredients) of a “standardized” version and Continue reading How to Make Traditional Southern Chicken Cornbread Dressing

Make Adobe Acrobat Stop Printing the Wrong Size

Adobe Acrobat Print Dialog
Despite all of my exciting stories from the world of feature film production, the most popular article on this website is currently that of a workaround I have discovered for a missing booklet imposition feature in Adobe InDesign CS3. While I rarely have time to personally reply to comments on my website, one comment to that article did seem especially deserving of its own post, as I’ve seen the question pop up far more often than I’d like: PDFs don’t print at the correct size… they’re too big or too small… often by minute amounts.

Just imagine after 5 hours of meticulous graphic design how distressing it might be to get a call from an Art Director screaming “YOU MADE IT THE WRONG SIZE!!!”.

“No, I didn’t,” is my reply, “Adobe Acrobat has simply printed it at the wrong size. Now let’s get you on track, so that you can Continue reading Make Adobe Acrobat Stop Printing the Wrong Size