Happy Birthday Zombie Neil Armstrong


Neil Armstrong is a mythic figure to those of us who consider ourselves space nerds, and while you’d think that the world would remember and honor the passing of the First Man to Walk on the Moon the truth has been far more apathetic and ultimately funnier. I first saw people posting about Armstrong’s passing early this morning on Facebook. “Oh no!!” I thought, “This is terrible!! What a lifetime!! We’re probably going to have some amazingly massive ceremony to honor…. wait a minute, the 3rd comment down says that he died LAST year.” ¬†— and so it went all day, to the point that news outlets found it necessary to provide assurance to us all that yes, Hero American Astronaut Neil Armstrong really was actually and in truth, still dead. After my own embarrassment at not recalling the passing of this legend I realized that we had very nearly celebrated the 1st year of Neil Armstrong being dead, and that we might ought to use whatever means necessary to drum it into our heads that this man really DID take a giant leap for mankind back in the late 1960s. And so, since zombies are all the rage, let it be Zombie Neil Armstrong that the kids laughingly salute every August, along with Elvis Presley. You know, two really famous guys associated with space travel.

The Great American Southerncane


Long ridiculed for their reflexive tendency to drive faster and swervier at the slightest hint of atmospheric moisture and endlessly mocked by the rest of the nation for their instinctive tendency to go bitchcakes at the mere mention of the “S” word, Americans living in the southeastern United States suffer from a severe cultural stereotype when it comes to the matter of precipitation. As a native Atlantan I can confirm that this stereotype is deserved. The mere mention of the word “flurries” by the local weatherman sends an electric thrill up and down my Continue reading The Great American Southerncane

My Heart Will Go Metallica (LIVE)

My client Captain Drew the space pirate shot this on Thursday night. I just cut it together for him and and added the following haphazard copy: Tongo Hiti reprises their greatest Internet sensation for a new generation with new choreography and expensive new visual effects, like reflected colored lights and giant smoking ceramic pots filled with meat combined with tracking shots, swirling shots, indecisive wobbly shots – all the shots you could possibly hope to see in this collision between gilded Victorian romance pop and machismo metal. Also: there are boobs at one point. Directed by Captain Drew, Produced by Drewprops, Watched by You.

Dragon Con Got Rid of the Asshole


Three years ago I made a post to my blog called “Is Dragon*Con Broken?” and it elicited a TON of reactions from people, which meant that me and my friends weren’t the only people who felt that way. To their credit the people who run the convention had that same realization and have made some great strides in making the convention fun again.

This year a few of our old cardboard troopers plan to be marching in the parade again along with some fun new friends from the convention I founded called Cardboard*Con, and in a fun new wrinkle I’ll be an actual guest of Dragon Con Continue reading Dragon Con Got Rid of the Asshole

Weezer’s Time Machine


The first half of this year was unexpectedly rough, but things are better right now and I think one of the contributing factors has been a five year old album by Weezer, known simply as “The Red Album” (released in 2008). I’d bought the disc a few years back and ripped it to iTunes but until this past spring I had never really listened to it. At this point in the summer I’ve heard it at least 30 or 40 times, which isn’t at all unusual for me. Weezer has been my “happy summer band” since the time I made a trip to Los Angeles for my friend Evan’s wedding and wound up rolling my rental car through Beverly Hills while rocking out to the Weezer song by that same name (as must have many other 17 year old boys, trying to impress people).

Enterprise: Unsung Gem of the Star Trek Universe


Five minutes ago I finished watching the final episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, a series which I have¬†binged from beginning to end over the past three weeks. Despite the fact that I’m 9 years late to the party (its last episode aired in May of 2005), Enterprise is now my favorite Star Trek series after the original.

Here are some things that helped to turn me into a fan of the show:

  • production design was all about practicality – most of the time things had a limit, for instance the ship (Enterprise NX-01) was almost always outclassed by the ships of alien races
  • using jumpsuits for uniforms was a perfect wardrobe decision which helped demonstrate the transition from our current period of space exploration to the time of Continue reading Enterprise: Unsung Gem of the Star Trek Universe