Earth Offline: What If We’d Stopped at AOL?


I sometimes wonder what life might have been like if personal computers hadn’t progressed much farther than the giant boxes from the early 90s and if AOL was the height of our Internet sophistication. I call this alternate future “Earth Offline” and it actually wasn’t Continue reading Earth Offline: What If We’d Stopped at AOL?

Siri Goes “Bonk!”


For the last week or so I’ve been trading messages with my friend JD about the new movie “Gravity”, as we both share an interest in a sci-fi sub-genre referred to as “hard” science fiction (fictional stories which adhere to real-world technology and physics while avoiding the temptation of using inexplicably “magical” technologies). I’ve also been upgrading to a new smartphone all week and a few days ago I had a bit of a technological Continue reading Siri Goes “Bonk!”

Should Dragon*Con Expand?


This morning a number of my friends spent several frustrating hours attempting to reserve a room at the Marriott Marquis for next summer’s Dragon*Con, as this was the date that the hotel released that block of rooms to the public for purchasing. The sell-out of rooms for Dragon*Con has become a high-stress, high-stakes game for these people, many of whom have been attending the event for more than 20 years. These folks are what I call my “professional” nerds – the kind of people who know what a “real” science fiction convention is like and who lament more and more at what Dragon*Con has become: a very Continue reading Should Dragon*Con Expand?

Return to Rich’s


UPDATE: the Bremen has replied with a link to a dedicated site about the exhibit! Return to Rich’s [link]

Yesterday afternoon on my way to lunch I spotted one of those half-ass billboards you see around in-town neighborhoods, usually advertising off-brand cigarettes or rot-gut brandy. This particular billboard snagged my attention because it had the logo for Rich’s emblazoned across that signature green, advertising an upcoming museum exhibit about that legendary department store chain. If you’re from Atlanta and are over the age of 35 the odds are strong that you harbor as much nostalgia about that old department store as me – it’s a hometown thing. So many great memories and local Atlanta tradition were made at Rich’s and it still stings that Federated Department Stores replaced this element of Atlanta’s 20th century identity with a generic yankee department store brand that Continue reading Return to Rich’s