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Last to Pledge

Alpha Phi Omega Pledge Invitation

This morning my mom handed me a bunch of old paperwork from my undergrad days at Georgia Tech. It was full of schedule requests, class schedules and fee requests. I even found a scrap of paper that had my username and password to the lumbering mainframe computer system. I still remember being fascinated with the Continue reading

Thoughts About Sarah’s Legacy

Sarah Jones Location Sign

It was a week today when the news of Sarah Jones’ death began spreading around Atlanta. I didn’t even know the girl’s name last Thursday. A lot has happened in just a week – now it seems that everyone knows Sarah’s name and at least something about her life.

The Slates for Sarah page on Facebook skyrocketed into a very powerful and emotional movement in a very short amount of time and the people who have run the page have been diligent and loving with the project. A friend who works on Homeland tracked me down in Minecraft to tell me that my blog post “Sarah was all of us” had been posted on his wall multiple times (I couldn’t even hide myself from this tragedy in a video game). Every morning I wake up to find new posts on the slates page from all over the production spectrum, from tiny insert slates to Continue reading

5 Years of Cardboard*Con

Atlanta Magazine.

Cardboard*Con has been featured in the March 2014 issue of Atlanta Magazine. Pick up a copy today!!

It was a crazy idea to put on cardboard boxes and run around a sci-fi convention back in 2004. It was a crazier idea to do it again in 2005 as ghetto stormtroopers and to crash so many long-cherished costume contests with our whacky brand of earnest all-cardboard dedication. It was yet a crazier idea to found an all-cardboard science fiction convention back in 2010 but look at us… it’s been 5 years of Cardboard*Con and we’re on the path to legitimacy, what with a mention in the “Must-Do South” March issue of Atlanta Magazine and inquiries from other media outlets. Am I proud? Absolutely! But better than that I’m glad to have met so many of you imaginative people who have picked Cardboard*Con as one of your creative outlets. I look forward to seeing you folks on Saturday night!!

This Clown is on Fire


In case you missed it: this past Thursday a towering clown with a “golden voice” stormed YouTube with a cover of “Royals” by 16 year old singer Lorde, ringing up 1.5 million hits in only 3 days and propelling the mysterious artist known only as “Puddles the Clown” into the spotlight.

As the rest of the world scrambles to pierce the mystery of the colossal crooning harlequin we here in Atlanta already know the fool’s not-so-secret secret identity: his name is “Big” Mike Continue reading

Should Dragon*Con Expand?


This morning a number of my friends spent several frustrating hours attempting to reserve a room at the Marriott Marquis for next summer’s Dragon*Con, as this was the date that the hotel released that block of rooms to the public for purchasing. The sell-out of rooms for Dragon*Con has become a high-stress, high-stakes game for these people, many of whom have been attending the event for more than 20 years. These folks are what I call my “professional” nerds – the kind of people who know what a “real” science fiction convention is like and who lament more and more at what Dragon*Con has become: a very Continue reading

Return to Rich’s


UPDATE: the Bremen has replied with a link to a dedicated site about the exhibit! Return to Rich’s [link]

Yesterday afternoon on my way to lunch I spotted one of those half-ass billboards you see around in-town neighborhoods, usually advertising off-brand cigarettes or rot-gut brandy. This particular billboard snagged my attention because it had the logo for Rich’s emblazoned across that signature green, advertising an upcoming museum exhibit about that legendary department store chain. If you’re from Atlanta and are over the age of 35 the odds are strong that you harbor as much nostalgia about that old department store as me – it’s a hometown thing. So many great memories and local Atlanta tradition were made at Rich’s and it still stings that Federated Department Stores replaced this element of Atlanta’s 20th century identity with a generic yankee department store brand that Continue reading

The Great American Southerncane


Long ridiculed for their reflexive tendency to drive faster and swervier at the slightest hint of atmospheric moisture and endlessly mocked by the rest of the nation for their instinctive tendency to go bitchcakes at the mere mention of the “S” word, Americans living in the southeastern United States suffer from a severe cultural stereotype when it comes to the matter of precipitation. As a native Atlantan I can confirm that this stereotype is deserved. The mere mention of the word “flurries” by the local weatherman sends an electric thrill up and down my Continue reading

My Heart Will Go Metallica (LIVE)

My client Captain Drew the space pirate shot this on Thursday night. I just cut it together for him and and added the following haphazard copy: Tongo Hiti reprises their greatest Internet sensation for a new generation with new choreography and expensive new visual effects, like reflected colored lights and giant smoking ceramic pots filled with meat combined with tracking shots, swirling shots, indecisive wobbly shots – all the shots you could possibly hope to see in this collision between gilded Victorian romance pop and machismo metal. Also: there are boobs at one point. Directed by Captain Drew, Produced by Drewprops, Watched by You.

Funny Money

Funny Money

A few weeks ago I was in the drive-through line at the big Krispy Kreme store in Atlanta, trying to scrape together enough money to pay for a small coffee. As I triumphantly drew forth the last floppy dollar from my wallet and turned to find some change something about that tatty dollar bill caught my eye…. I held it up in the morning light and noted that some brigand had stamped something on the bill. Holding it up to my face I saw that it read “Abolish the Federal Reserve”. Several things flashed through Continue reading

Where Is Dragon*Con?

I understand that my pals The Cardboard Troopers had a wild time this past weekend. They arrived in Atlanta for the 2009 edition of Dragon*Con, but they couldn’t actually seem to find a trace of the convention and the hotel people kept looking at them funny. I sure hope that they come back for the 10:00am parade on Saturday, they always seem to enjoy that.

Which reminds me that last month the Fall issue of the Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine hit the stands and I was simultaneously delighted (97%) and mortified (3%) to read the article about me that staff writer Van Jensen composed after we met prior to my surgery this summer. Entitled “How Did That NERD on the Left Become That PIRATE on the Right?“, the article does a really nice job of catching people up with the kid who won the Batman contest back in the 80s… and the second page features a certain cardboard trooper standing in front of a line of “real” troopers at Dragon*Con.