Cardboard Stormtroopers 2006

Box Robot Troopers
Update: Now there are videos about us on YouTube! Take a look at us in the DragonCon Parade, here’s a closer angle and here’s the news report where Alfeo and I are interviewed. Track all the new photos of our costumes on Flickr! If you’ve missed earlier posts about my cardboard robots don’t miss reading about how it all started, our 2005 box costumes, the cardboard underwear I made for a friend, and the challenge that led to this year’s hijincks.

Alfeo, Elliott and I suited up in the parking garage of the downtown Atlanta Hilton on Saturday morning and headed upstairs to begin walking down to Woodruff Park. I was bitching everyone out, telling them to hurry up. That went over famously.

Exiting the elevator, I figured that the first 20 people we ran into would provide us with a good idea of how we’d be received elsewhere for the rest of the day. We were particularly worried that the “real” stormtroopers would take demonstrable umbrage at our cardboard costumes, which was never my intent.
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Box Robots 2 : The Floppy 503rd

Box Robot Troopers
Note: Due to schedule problems several of us have already built our box robots. Also Note that there has been a change from Sunday to Saturday.
It’s nearly that time again kids, Dragon*Con is only a fortnight away! If you’re planning to be in attendance at this year’s convention and you want to do something that’s indescribably fun then pay attention: I am hereby issuing my 2nd Annual Box Robot Flashmob Challenge, this time with a twist. This year I am challenging people to meet me on Sunday, September 3rd, strike that, on Saturday, September 2nd, at 1:30pm, on or near the exterior balcony of the Hyatt’s lobby bar, to build robot suits from cardboard boxes. To participate in this event you must provide your own cardboard boxes (if possible try to collect white boxes), enough of them to make a suit that will cover your torso, your head, your arms and legs. You are also going to need to bring a cardboard tube.
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We Are Interns

We Are Interns
Just before I left set to head home Alice Nisbet asked me something along the lines of “Are you going to mention this on your site?” to which I mumbled something kind of “no”-like. Of course on the way home, about four hours shy of being up for 24 hours straight I realized that of course I’d mention this on the site so, like, there’s a Continue reading We Are Interns

Junk Food Graphics Junkie

Prop Popsicle Box
As much as I intended to get out and enjoy myself this past weekend it just didn’t happen. I received a call from local art director Jerry D’Alesio to create about a dozen or so junk food packages for a TLC shoot this week. Shown here is my design for a box of popsicles. I’ve added photos of these packages to The Art of Commercials section of my Flickr graphic design photo collection.
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I used to say that I came up with some of my finest ideas while driving on the interstate but I’ve recently started to reconsider that claim. I can’t remember the exact reason, but sometime this fall I found myself driving down the interstate fixated on the word precocious. I knew that someone could be precocious and I knew that they could display precociousness but I wondered what word might capture the state of displaying preciousness.
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Film Tags Q1:2006

Bart Patton + Bob Hope
While we still don’t have legislators locked in to put the Film-GA license plate up for this year’s legislative session we haven’t given up yet. Meanwhile, I’ve been having a lot of fun updating the website with bios of people in the Georgia film industry (over 30 now!). It’s been a lot of fun interviewing people about their lives and adventures – it’s remarkable how little I knew know about the people that I’ve worked alongside for years!
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Handmade Wooden Tolkien Ringbox
I’m occasionally asked “Are you an artist?”, to which I reply “Please double-hutch the renfro Billy, tuppence for the Lady”, which is my way of saying “yes, but a mildly eccentric one”. I have a natural distrust of artists because I know how easy it is to bullshit your way past the defensives of art-impaired civilians though it’s mostly been architects, actors and film directors I’ve ever seen pulling that stunt. So what’s this thing in the picture you’re wondering. THAT my friends, is a wooden box that I made to hold Sauron’s One Ring of Power, back in the early-1990’s before the films were a glimmer in the studios’ budgets. Did I mention that my ringbox is mechanized?
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Operation Cardboard Underwear Success!

Tally's Cardboard Bikini
I’m happy to report that Operation Cardboard Underwear has been a complete and utter success, though I’m reticent to reveal all of the details to the general public. Let’s just say that if you plan on making wearable ladies undergarments out of FedEx boxes, packing them into a box covered with garish labels screaming “Erotica” and sending them all the way across the country via 1st Class Mail you should be prepared for it to take 2 WEEKS and for the package to be opened and searched by trained postal inspectors, which is totally fair…. so no hard feelings to the postal inspectors and other security agents who’ve been assigned the task of watching me. I knew something was wrong when I received the green Return Receipt with just a scribble on the signature line. If I knew how to get in touch with you I might send YOU guys some custom cardboard gear of your own… perhaps a cool Drewprops baseball cap or a nice faux eelskin cardboard belt. As it is, I’d just like to say THANKS for putting the package back into play– I’m told that it made quite a hit at the LA office today. Now they’ll ALL be wanting one.

PiratePalooza 2005 Recap

Well PiratePalooza 2005 is over. Technically, it was over early Sunday morning but I’ve been so slammed at the office that I’m only getting around to writing about this latest project of mine. To everyone who made it out to play in Decatur, THANK YOU for your participation – wasn’t it awesome? To those of you who didn’t make it read on and find out what you missed!
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