Newest Nilsson

Baby Nilsson Good News! Magnus and his wife Ili have their first baby! Isabela Maria was born on January 11 and weighed 7 lbs. 1.8oz. The last time I talked to Magnus about his little girl he’d taken over 1000 photographs of her with his Nikon 100D. I haven’t yet seen lilttle miss Isabela in person, but I’ve already heard some fun stories. In this picture she looks as tired as Magnus after one of our charettes….

Updates: Leavell, Pouncey and Harris

The “hottest” Hot Rat, Kelly Leavell, writes in to say that she is the proud Mom of a 4 year-old girl and a 6 year-old boy. Kelly still lives in the Atlanta area.

Matt Greer says that Michael “Arkansas” Pouncey has given up the glamorous architecture lifestyle for good old-fashioned farming in Hughes, Arkansas. I guess he wasn’t kidding about that whole nickname thing… go figure.

Also of note, one ‘Christo Harris’ is listed as the editor of “The Southern Movie Hound”, which features the dog and cat team of Dooley and Butter who will introduce weekly movies on Turner South.