Passing : Jack Frost IV (aka LoCash)

I just found out tonight that Jack Frost died this past Saturday. Even though he lived and worked in Atlanta I never met Jack in person – I only knew him as “LoCash” on an Apple computer fanboy messageboard where he participated as an administrator. Jack was a graphic designer, a web designer and a prankster extraordinaire. The funniest thing he did lately was to share the transcript of an instant message conversation he had with one of his friends about the movie ‘Congo’. I’m copying Jack’s story from in honor of his mischevious memory and a totally awesome story he wove about killer alien engineered ape/laser hybrid monsters.
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A Note from Douglas Adams

Of the many comic influences I’ve had in my life, the late writer Douglas Adams figures prominently. He was, and continues to be a strong influence on my inner comic voice; my meter, my rhyme, my ideas about low-budget science fiction television and so much more.

Back before Douggie left us, he had a website that he kept maintained for the fans. Not because he was egotistical, not because there was some kind of profit incentive….he did it because he genuinely liked the fans. A writer is never more appreciative than when they find a receptive audience because it generally means that they can step beyond all the awkward ideological translations and move straight into whatever it is that they’d like to discuss.

I dimly recall being excited at finding that “official” Douglas Adams website, and was delighted to discover that the man would actually answer people’s questions from time to time….even one of mine….
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