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Honeywagon, How I Do Love Thee

The Only Way to Poop!Hey! It’s a new podcast, the first in a long time… download it now!! This summer will mark my third year away from the film business and even though I visit enough film sets around town to satisfy my craving for the scent of diesel, I realized around the end of 2006 that I’ve been missing a different sort of smell…. the honeywagon; rolling porta-potty of the film industry. Mobile shithouse to the Stars. The trailer that launched a million poops from a thousand wannabe Brandos. So I started in to write it all down in an article for the website but as I’ve been so all-fired busy lately it was much simpler to toss a recorder in the car and start talking off the top of my head. Please forgive the recording quality (I threw the accent in for free). podcast

Stan Swofford : On-Set Medic

stan swofford This past Friday I drove out to the set of the untitled Chris Robinson project (formerly “Jellybeans”) to record an interview with On-Set Medic, Stan Swofford about his tricked-out on-set cart, his tricked-out trailer and about his experience of being an on-set medic.podcast
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Heinous Bienfang

heinous album Your Pal Drew scored the “iPodCast” of the season when indie-scene rocker Heinous Bienfang agreed to an audience at the Krispy Kreme on Ponce de Leon just one week before his band’s much anticipated re-appearance at a farewell concert for the Black Box Rehearsal Spaces (154 Krog Street) just south of Little Five Points. Tune in as we discuss Krispy Kreme, Mickey’s Big Mouths, Krystal’s, fish and Continue reading

Geoffrey Brown’s Bea Arthur Song

geoffrey brown This past weekend I interviewed Atlanta performer Geoffrey Brown to discuss his upcoming album ‘You Can’t Have the Monkey’, his recent stage play “Vernacular Spectacular” and his affinity for the works of Emily Bronte.
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Making of The Lady From Sockholm

lynn lamousin Last week I had the distinct pleasure of meeting with local Atlanta filmmaker Lynn Lamousin to discuss her recent project “The Lady from Sockholm”, which is set to make its World Premiere this month at the 2005 Atlanta Film Festival. Plan to be in your seats by 5pm at the Rialto Center for the Performing Arts on Sunday, June 12th for a movie that’s sure to put you in stitches. podcast

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Writer BB Cherry

I sat in studio with writer BB Cherry this weekend to discuss her past, current and future projects in audio books, notably, her first published project, “Ivy Appleton : Prop Widow”.

Deborah Benson, Hair Stylist

I caught up with Deborah Benson (a member of my tiny, tiny church) earlier today to record my first official Podcast. We spoke of Deborah’s career as a hair stylist, her brushes with fame and her brushes with death… or rather, her brushing OF death… with a curling iron (you’ll understand after you hear it). (This Podcast has been re-engineered to a shorter time and some content has been removed….especially the part about a certain country singer’s facelift!)