Birds bar in Hollywood Monday was my last night in Los Angeles and my friend Tally and her buds David and Erin invited me to hang out with them at a local hangout named Birds. At their suggestion I booked a room three streets down at the Best Western on Franklin, which only turned out to be the same hotel that I stayed in on my very first trip out to L.A. back in the mid-90’s.
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Fairytale Endings

Evan and Yee-Wah Last week I got a call from my pal Joe Connolly out in Los Angeles.

“So what time’s your flight come in?” he asked.

I had no idea what he was talking about.

“You know, for Evan’s wedding… what time are you coming in? I’ll swing by and pick you up.”

I stammered and mumbled something about not being able to make it, something that Joe expected me to say as he’s been badgering me to come out to LA for the past three years… and for three years I’ve managed to find excuses not to go. However, a few minutes after I hung up with Joe it finally hit me dead-on: Evan was getting married. Honest to gosh MARRIED. I’d be the biggest chump if I didn’t hop a plane and show up at his wedding.

And besides, from what I could tell from the pictures I’d seen, she was HOT. We couldn’t afford to let this girl get away… Evan needed our help.
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20 Year Class Reunion Redux

Redneck Reunion
Well it’s all over but the mopping up; the 20th anniversary reunion of the Riverdale Senior High School Class of 1985 is safely behind me and I can look forward to at least another decade of living for bigger and better things. As I sailed out of the luxurious Airport Hilton back to my car, a loosely organized, marginally interesting, group of mullet-coiffed thoughts crowded for first place on the stage of my instant replay memory machine. More than anything, I realized my dream of some sort of perspective-inducing cinematic high school reunion (ala John Cusack) was ridiculously out of reach. The best and the worst of the night were mere bullet items…
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20 Year Class Reunion

For the past three or four months I’ve been getting emails reminding me of the approach of my 20th High School reunion, something I’m ambivalent about attending. While I appreciate the importance of the nostalgia attached to reuniting with kids from grade school, the ever-increasing onslaught of pre-reunion emails from the diligent planning committee are beginning to wear on my nerves. For instance, today I received a 20 item questionnaire that I’m supposed to fill out and send back to the organizing committee. I found myself writing down answers that I would love to send in if only I had the nerve. Thank goodness I have my own website.
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JD’s Samurai Sword

This past Thursday I dropped by JD Taylor’s Cinco de Mayo birthday party, which his girlfriend (Producer Linda Burns) has turned into an Atlanta film community tradition in seven short years. The chilly weather and the threat of rain kept the attendance down to around a hundred people, and I have to say that a lot of the old-timers weren’t there this year. I’d been chatting with hotty/writer/director Lynn Lamousin for a few minutes when the birthday boy himself cruised past us. I stepped away from Lynn long enough to hand JD something he’d left with me on Labor Day weekend of last year: a black-lacquer display stand for a Samurai sword. He stared at it for a beat, grinned and gave me that “pretty funny, wiseass” look that I get so often.
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Computer Playset

Computer Playset BoxI was doing some spring cleaning today and ran across this awesome “Computer Play Set for 11.5″ Fashion Dolls” and thought I ought to post it to the site for all you true computer nerds to drool over. Heck, if Intel’s willing to pay US$10,000 for a dumb old computer magazine maybe there’s a rich dot-com billionaire out there willing to drop some decent cash on this little gem.
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A Young Man’s Fancy Radio Turns Against Him

If I’m not mistaken it was Alfred, Lord Tennisball, who so famously wrote: “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”. What Sir Alfie Tennisbaum didn’t know was that in the part of the country I come from, the unsophisticated blue collar south side of Atlanta, those thoughts of love are enhanced by a bitching car stereo.
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Little Wooden Radio

Little Wooden Radio
You know, I sometimes wonder why I’ve stayed in the film business. Sure, the money’s good and the glamour of saying that you work “in the movies” is an ego-trip, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started looking for something more; some affirmation that this hasn’t just been a big thirteen year lark. Finishing my first screenplay last year seemed like a move in the right direction, but it still didn’t seem like that SIGN that I’d been looking for; it wasn’t that great big blinking billboard that said “You’re Doing The Right Thing Kid, Keep Up The Good Work”. I finally came to grips with the fact that I might never receive a heavenly sign. But that was before last week; before the little wooden radio.
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My Biggest Mis-Steak

Sharing Albums on Facebook

As anyone in his or her right mind knows, Saturday television is for watching cooking shows on PBS. My longtime favorite has been Martin Yan’s show “Yan Can Cook”. He’s entertaining, well-prepared and obviously loves to cook. Before Martin Yan, my favorite TV cook was the legendary Cajun chef Justin Wilson. Who cared what he was cooking, it was just fun to hear him talk. Maybe all the best chefs have funny accents.
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