Computer Playset

Computer Playset BoxI was doing some spring cleaning today and ran across this awesome “Computer Play Set for 11.5″ Fashion Dolls” and thought I ought to post it to the site for all you true computer nerds to drool over. Heck, if Intel’s willing to pay US$10,000 for a dumb old computer magazine maybe there’s a rich dot-com billionaire out there willing to drop some decent cash on this little gem.
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A Young Man’s Fancy Radio Turns Against Him

If I’m not mistaken it was Alfred, Lord Tennisball, who so famously wrote: “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love”. What Sir Alfie Tennisbaum didn’t know was that in the part of the country I come from, the unsophisticated blue collar south side of Atlanta, those thoughts of love are enhanced by a bitching car stereo.
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Little Wooden Radio

Little Wooden Radio
You know, I sometimes wonder why I’ve stayed in the film business. Sure, the money’s good and the glamour of saying that you work “in the movies” is an ego-trip, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started looking for something more; some affirmation that this hasn’t just been a big thirteen year lark. Finishing my first screenplay last year seemed like a move in the right direction, but it still didn’t seem like that SIGN that I’d been looking for; it wasn’t that great big blinking billboard that said “You’re Doing The Right Thing Kid, Keep Up The Good Work”. I finally came to grips with the fact that I might never receive a heavenly sign. But that was before last week; before the little wooden radio.
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My Biggest Mis-Steak

Sharing Albums on Facebook

As anyone in his or her right mind knows, Saturday television is for watching cooking shows on PBS. My longtime favorite has been Martin Yan’s show “Yan Can Cook”. He’s entertaining, well-prepared and obviously loves to cook. Before Martin Yan, my favorite TV cook was the legendary Cajun chef Justin Wilson. Who cared what he was cooking, it was just fun to hear him talk. Maybe all the best chefs have funny accents.
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Following Yonder Cow

We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts, we traverse afar
Field and fountain, moor and mountain,
Following yonder Star

Okay, none of us were Kings and in no way could we be confused for people of Asiatic heritage. The only things of value we had with us were a couple of pairs of binoculars and an old maroon Dodge Aspen. The field was a pasture, the fountain was a fishpond and I suppose you could call the hill we camped on a mountain if you were prone to exaggeration. We weren’t following yonder star so much as trying to find a really dark place to get a better look at it.

And it wasn’t even a star, it was a comet; Halley’s Comet to be precise.
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Old Christmas Tree, How Plastic Art Thou Branches

Plastic and Steel Can Still Mean Love

I set up our Christmas Tree on Wednesday!

Now this isn’t just any old tree I’m talking about. This thing is on the way to becoming an antique; it’s over 30 years old this year and of course it’s artificial. All of you live (dead) tree junkies just shut up and keep reading, this thing is really keen….
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Lucky Stuffed Penguin

You have too much stuff.

It’s the truth…don’t argue with me.

Your collection of limited-edition Burger King Empire Strikes Back glassware has overrun your shelf space and at least five of your remote controls have been lost in the shadowy recesses of the leather couch that was ever-so fashionable before the cat discovered it was the ultimate scratching post. You only see your lucky stuffed penguin on the rare occasions that you summon the courage to dig toward the back of your closet to find your bowling shoes”¦ and you KNOW that there’s at least one place in your house that can only be accessed by turning and shuffling sideways like you’re going through one of those narrow secret passages you always see in the movies…only, the walls that you’re walking between are made of old National Geographic magazines and tubs full of video cassettes that you’ve been meaning to sort through on a rainy day that has yet to arrive.
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My Chinese Kindergarten

country lane kindergarten
I like to tell people that I went to Kindergarten at a Chinese restaurant, but that’s not entirely true. It was a kindergarten when I went there as a child. It was years later when they added two bright-red columns, two dragon-wrapped columns, a pagoda-style roof and paved over every inch of the front yard. It has only been recently that I’ve been able to deal with the fact that General T’so and his chicken took over my kindergarten like Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek seizing the Nationalist government at Nanjing in 1928.
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