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Cabbagetown Movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Deemed a Success!

Crazy Breakfast People

If you read my previous post about why I Hate Outdoor Movies you might recall that I was set to co-sponsor the June edition of the 2014 Cabbagetown Park Movie Series along with Lynn Lamousin of Kittyboy Creations and Hollis Gillespie of Shocking Real Life Learning Center this past Friday night. Despite the threat of rain we were informed that we’d drawn the biggest crowd of the season, thanks no doubt to the great people of Cabbagetown, our collective social networks and to a great plug by Suzanne Van Atten in the Atlanta Journal Constitution! We even had people showing up in costumes! This was the first time I’d ever seen the movie so I was suitably surprised by Mickey Rooney’s portrayal of a Japanese character – some portrayals just don’t age all that well!!




Why I Hate Outdoor Movies (Come to Mine?)

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Okay listen, before I get around to explaining why I’m co-sponsoring tonight’s installment of the Cabbagetown Movie Night series I need to tell you that I don’t actually like outdoor movie screenings. In fact I hate them because something always goes wrong for me.

One summer my friends Chele and Kevin cajoled me into going to see “E.T. the Extraterrestrial” at the summertime series called “Screen on the Green” in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. We got some drinks from the nearby Park Tavern and went to claim a seat on the giant lawn as lightning bolts flickered along the edges of the summertime storm clouds gathering to the west. When I mentioned the imminent maelstrom creeping toward us Chele told me to relax, that nothing was going to happen. As she spoke I turned to study the giant movie screen, which was bristling with thousands of Continue reading

The Service Loop


The power cable on my laptop bit the dust last year, but it wasn’t the transformer that failed; it was the thin cable that connects the transformer to the laptop. From reading the (really angry) reviews of this power cable on Apple’s online store it became obvious that it was a design flaw and not Continue reading

5 Years of Cardboard*Con

Atlanta Magazine.

Cardboard*Con has been featured in the March 2014 issue of Atlanta Magazine. Pick up a copy today!!

It was a crazy idea to put on cardboard boxes and run around a sci-fi convention back in 2004. It was a crazier idea to do it again in 2005 as ghetto stormtroopers and to crash so many long-cherished costume contests with our whacky brand of earnest all-cardboard dedication. It was yet a crazier idea to found an all-cardboard science fiction convention back in 2010 but look at us… it’s been 5 years of Cardboard*Con and we’re on the path to legitimacy, what with a mention in the “Must-Do South” March issue of Atlanta Magazine and inquiries from other media outlets. Am I proud? Absolutely! But better than that I’m glad to have met so many of you imaginative people who have picked Cardboard*Con as one of your creative outlets. I look forward to seeing you folks on Saturday night!!

2014 Film Georgia license plates coming


For the 4 of you who still read my blog (thanks Mom!!)* this is a note to let you know that I’ve updated the artwork for my Film Georgia license plates and just picked them up from the printer today. I’ll still be selling the 40th Anniversary plates until they’re gone so this is sort of a “preview” of the 2014 plates. If you know anybody that needs one please send them to:

* my 83 year old mom doesn’t knowhow to FIND my blog

The Etiquette of Drivetalk


If you’re a single-person commuter like me, one of the first things you think of when you get behind the wheel of your car is “Who could I call right now?”. It’s not that I don’t like listening to the radio, or that I don’t have any music to listen to (I have more than 5,500 songs on my iPhone), it’s just that it’s more fun and productive to actually talk to another person.

Miles and miles of tedious highways fly by quickly when you’re enjoying a good conversation with a friend, but there’s a very real downside that emerges when you finally arrive at your destination because that’s when the reality of your relationship is laid bare to Continue reading

Earth Offline: What If We’d Stopped at AOL?


I sometimes wonder what life might have been like if personal computers hadn’t progressed much farther than the giant boxes from the early 90s and if AOL was the height of our Internet sophistication. I call this alternate future “Earth Offline” and it actually wasn’t Continue reading

Siri Goes “Bonk!”


For the last week or so I’ve been trading messages with my friend JD about the new movie “Gravity”, as we both share an interest in a sci-fi sub-genre referred to as “hard” science fiction (fictional stories which adhere to real-world technology and physics while avoiding the temptation of using inexplicably “magical” technologies). I’ve also been upgrading to a new smartphone all week and a few days ago I had a bit of a technological Continue reading

Should Dragon*Con Expand?


This morning a number of my friends spent several frustrating hours attempting to reserve a room at the Marriott Marquis for next summer’s Dragon*Con, as this was the date that the hotel released that block of rooms to the public for purchasing. The sell-out of rooms for Dragon*Con has become a high-stress, high-stakes game for these people, many of whom have been attending the event for more than 20 years. These folks are what I call my “professional” nerds – the kind of people who know what a “real” science fiction convention is like and who lament more and more at what Dragon*Con has become: a very Continue reading

Happy Birthday Zombie Neil Armstrong


Neil Armstrong is a mythic figure to those of us who consider ourselves space nerds, and while you’d think that the world would remember and honor the passing of the First Man to Walk on the Moon the truth has been far more apathetic and ultimately funnier. I first saw people posting about Armstrong’s passing early this morning on Facebook. “Oh no!!” I thought, “This is terrible!! What a lifetime!! We’re probably going to have some amazingly massive ceremony to honor…. wait a minute, the 3rd comment down says that he died LAST year.”  — and so it went all day, to the point that news outlets found it necessary to provide assurance to us all that yes, Hero American Astronaut Neil Armstrong really was actually and in truth, still dead. After my own embarrassment at not recalling the passing of this legend I realized that we had very nearly celebrated the 1st year of Neil Armstrong being dead, and that we might ought to use whatever means necessary to drum it into our heads that this man really DID take a giant leap for mankind back in the late 1960s. And so, since zombies are all the rage, let it be Zombie Neil Armstrong that the kids laughingly salute every August, along with Elvis Presley. You know, two really famous guys associated with space travel.