Love Ladder

The Love Ladder!!

I’d like to introduce you to a new product that I’ve only just recently invented called the “Love Ladder” – the newest erotic aid for loveplay since the…. um, well, I don’t know. But it’s a darned cracking sexy looking device, don’t you think? The box says that it’s fun for him and her! One size fits all! It’s hypoallergenic!! How can ladies resist? It’s runged for her pleasure for gosh sakes!!! Rrrrowwwrrr!!

“How do you get one of these things!!” you’re probably asking!!

Well, see, that’s where it gets kind of complicated.

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Mary-Lynn Rajskub’s Amazingly Animated Ass

Mary-Lynn Rajskub Animated Ass
If you’re not a fan of the Fox television series ’24’ you’re probably unaware that actress Mary-Lynn Rajskub has become the gold standard for sexy nerd girls with her portrayal of super computer jockette Chloe O’Brien. Mary-Lynn’s pouty lips, her thousand pixel stare and breathless delivery of lines like “deactivation of the encrypted file relay” has ensured that she will forever be lusted after by pear-shaped code jockeys the world over (myself included). What’s funny is that I’ve done two shows featuring Mary-Lynn: the first was “Run Ronnie Run” (her scenes were shot in LA), and “Sweet Home Alabama”. It was on “Sweet Home” that I became forever fascinated with Mary-Lynn’s ass.
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