Hosket Redux

This past Tuesday, April 1st, I returned to Philips Arena with the Sharps to thrill again to the fantastic game of hockey. As I detailed in my post of May 25th, the hockey girls use big scoops to collect shaved ice from the rink. While I haven’t figured out exactly where it goes yet, I have managed to capture video of the game itself!

I Love Hosket!!!1

Hosket is Great!!Up until about a month ago I’d never been to a hockey game in my life. I knew nothing of the sport other than that it was loud, cold, involved the consumption of copious amounts of beer and often involved bench clearing brawls. Sure, I’ve ice skated a few times in my life and I’ve owned an official team jersey for going on two years, but that’s just because I spilled ice cream all over my shirt at an arena football game and decided that the Atlanta Thrashers jersey was the best looking option in CNN Center (a decision greatly aided by beer). But nothing had prepared me for the electric thrill of this game. Finally, thanks to my friends Lisa and Lawrence Sharp, I have a much broader, more comprehensive understanding of the complexities of the sport. For instance, the hockey girls in the blue sweaters and miniskirts Continue reading I Love Hosket!!!1

New: Movie Set Photos Move to Flickr

As part of the work I’m doing to update this website I’ve decided to move my photo galleries offsite to Flickr.com to make it easier for people to navigate the photos. So far I’ve uploaded photos from three films: ‘Run Ronnie Run‘, ‘Sweet Home Alabama‘ and ‘Dumb & Dumberer‘ (the latter set has over 430 photos in it!!). Give ’em a spin!!

Dumb & Dumberer – 433 photos
The Playboy Grotto from ‘Dumb & Dumberer’:
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