501 Ethel

501 Ethel Street One of the stranger off-campus locations for our class was 501 Ethel Street over in Home Park, the neighborhood bordering the north side of the Tech campus. For the most part the place was a mystery to me as I had only started learning to drink beer and had no interest in anything more exotic, which is pretty much what that house was all about. The only memory I have of the place was when one of the guys got hold of a copy of “Swimming to Cambodia” and Mance watched it so many times that he would walk around school reciting Spalding Gray’s monologue word for word, like the drunken fraternity brother he never was. He convinced me to come over and watch it twice in a row, which proved to pretty cool because in later years I would get to see Spalding perform two of his other monologues live; one in Kentucky and one in Atlanta.

Academy Awards 2004

If you watched the presentation of the Oscars at the 2004 Academy Awards then you probably saw Billy Crystal’s now-famous lead-in movie where it appears that he is actually in the movies from 2003. What you might not know is that they were put together by Troy Miller’s company Dakota Films, some of the same bunch that shot “Dumb & Dumberer”, “Run Ronnie Run” and “Doctor Hoestetler’s Marvelous Singing Shoe” here in Atlanta.
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