Independent Lens : On A Roll

I caught the last half of this episode of the PBS documentary series Independent Lens while I was knocked down by the flu. I had seen the first part earlier in the week and was happily lucid at the moment at 1am when it was being rebroadcast.

Talk radio host Greg Smith is profiled in the documentary, which focuses on the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) with Smith (who has Muscular Dystrophy) as the lens through which we see the world. During a visit to Washington for the 10th anniversary of the A.D.A. we see how difficult it is for Smith to find a cab capable of transporting he and his electric wheelchair around town.
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Laslie Williams Opens New York Branch

Recognizing the need for a physical presence to support their existing clientele and to further foster relationships with professional resources in the city, designer Mark Williams and his business partner Scott Laslie have opened a New York branch to their architectural design and interiors firm ‘Laslie & Williams’. Their work has recently been featured in three publications: The Atlanta Business Chronicle’s ‘Living in Atlanta’ quarterly magazine, ‘Instinct’ Magazine and ‘Remodeling Ideas for Your Home’ (a Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publication). An alum of the elite Georgia Tech School of Architecture’s ‘Hot Rats on a Stick’, Mark Williams was a founding partner in the interior furnishings store called ‘Space’ and can be seen hosting a bass fishing show on local Atlanta cable access. Or not.


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Ugly, brusque and heartless is the new black, or the new Matrix if we’re talking about Keanu Reeves’ latest role as the anti-hero of the new Warner Brothers comic-turned-movie “Constantine”.

Based on a character seen most recently in a comic series called “Hellblazer”, the movie follows the dark mission of one John Constantine; a human fighting a solitary war against both the forces of Good and Evil, each of which attempt to influence the course of human events with subtle nudges. The script plays fast and loose with Judeo-Christian motifs and fearlessly makes up things when history can’t supply the necessary components.
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