Dwarf Houses To Be Shut Down?

This rumor (and until I hear more this is strictly a rumor) comes straight from the decks of an unnamed Chick Fil-A restaurant: the inheritors of entrepreneur Truett Cathy’s fast food empire are prepared to close his small cadre of “Dwarf House” restaurant locations upon his passing (which is hopefully long and away in the future). Located primarily on the southern end of Atlanta, the Dwarf House restaurants are based upon the original Chick Fil-A restaurant (called the Dwarf House) located in Hapeville, Georgia, in the shadow of Hartsfield/Jackson International Airport. Denizens of Atlanta’s southside know that the Dwarf House restaurants are split down the middle: one side is dedicated to fast food style ordering and seating while the other side of the restaurant is staffed by waiters and waitresses. Dwarf Houses serve up full breakfasts, offer an artery clogging dish known as a “hot brown” and perhaps most shockingly, the Dwarf House restaurants actually do cook and serve those award-winning cows who have put the phrase “Eat mor Chikin” on the tips of American tongues. That’s right, they serve hamburgers, steakburgers and steak. They even serve grilled ham and cheese sandwiches! So why would they want to close these restaurants?
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King Kong (2005)

[rate 4.5]
Note to self: Never see a Peter Jackson movie on a full bladder, and never, under any circumstances, go to see one after 8pm or you may find yourself closing the theater/mall down with the security crew; as I ambled out of the theater brushing down my chair hair I asked an employee how long the movie was…. he answered “Three hours and twenty minutes”. A policeman on security detail replied with “But it was worth it, wasn’t it?”

Yes, it was absolutely, incredibly, heartbreakingly worth it.
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Operation Cardboard Underwear Success!

Tally's Cardboard Bikini
I’m happy to report that Operation Cardboard Underwear has been a complete and utter success, though I’m reticent to reveal all of the details to the general public. Let’s just say that if you plan on making wearable ladies undergarments out of FedEx boxes, packing them into a box covered with garish labels screaming “Erotica” and sending them all the way across the country via 1st Class Mail you should be prepared for it to take 2 WEEKS and for the package to be opened and searched by trained postal inspectors, which is totally fair…. so no hard feelings to the postal inspectors and other security agents who’ve been assigned the task of watching me. I knew something was wrong when I received the green Return Receipt with just a scribble on the signature line. If I knew how to get in touch with you I might send YOU guys some custom cardboard gear of your own… perhaps a cool Drewprops baseball cap or a nice faux eelskin cardboard belt. As it is, I’d just like to say THANKS for putting the package back into play– I’m told that it made quite a hit at the LA office today. Now they’ll ALL be wanting one.