Introducing 2006 PiratePalooza Website

Zowie, I’ve had a busy weekend of posting to this blog!! This is to let everyone know that last week I quietly rolled a brand new version of the PiratePalooza website for 2006, check it out (it makes this site look tired). If you still haven’t seen the short “web-commercials” we shot for last year’s PiratePalooza pubcrawl then stop what you’re doing now and click here to see the darned videos!!!. I have about six solid ideas for PP commercials for this year and expect that the other merry folks behind PiratePalooza will have just as many. If anyone has an extra 3-chipper laying around gathering dust you know how to get in touch with me~

I’m Jimmy

I fondly recall a wonderfully subversive period of my film career when I was the voice of Jimmy, a make-believe PA you’d only ever hear over the radio. It all began on ‘Remember the Titans’ when our 1st Assistant Director (AD) Randy Fletcher made the remarkable transformation that some Firsts undergo once principal photography begins: the changeover from gregarious chum to braying jackass. Nobody thought much of it when Randy began chewing greenhorn PAs new asses within the first week of shooting, it’s typical and usually well-deserved…PAs need to be yelled at, loudly and often. But, when Randy began mercilessly berating seasoned ADs over the radio on channel one I was stunned. He mocked them, yelled at them, patronized them like simple-minded four year olds. It was embarrasing and became so bad, so obvious to all the crew who used channel one, that it began to rankle some people’s opinions of Randy. I found myself wishing that I could snap Randy out of asshole-tyrant mode because I missed the Randy I’d gotten to know during prep.
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All You Need is LOVE (and money)

Cirque du Soleil and Love
Cirque du Soleil has announced that they’re introducing a brand new show named “Love” based on the music of the Beatles, with preview shows beginning in Las Vegas in June. The preview clips from the show are inspiring enough to make any Cirque-loving Beatles fan reach for their bankbook to see if they can swing tickets, airfare, lodging and poker chips. I’m tempted.


I went with my sports-obsessed friend Ronny to the arena football game this afternoon. In the 2nd quarter we headed over to the food court and I ordered up a hamburger and a soda. I was shooting the shit with a guy at the counter about how much I like the new orange ten dollar bills. He had a weird grin on his face and said something about them being the color they should’ve been all along, which sounded kind of weird but like all checkout banter I just laughed and waited for my food. As I turned to walk away the guy said “see ya next time, Bossman”. Yep, that’s me: Bossman. It’s what all my slaves call me. I insist upon it. Thanks a million for the racist checkout guys at the hamburger grill Philips Arena. Really adds zest to the experience. You can bet that I really enjoyed that sandwich. Really.

Thompson Ventulett & Sauron

It was a wild and stormy night so I settled in to re-watch the last half of Peter Jackson’s 800 minute extended version of ‘The Return of the King’. At the point when Frodo finally reaches the entrance to the Crack of Doom I was struck by the design of the stonework around the entrance, all hard planes and jutting fins. Bereft of humanity, soulless and sullen, it looked ever so familiar and tugged at my memory but I wasn’t sure why. And suddenly, in the ruddy light of Mount Doom’s coursing lava, I knew. I knew where I’d seen that alien style before. I’d seen it in Atlanta…. it’s the in-house design style of the large Atlanta architecture firm Thompson, Ventulett & Stainback! Seriously. I kid thee not. Are you familiar with the AT&T Promenade building in mid-town? Sauron’s evil eye winters there. You know that stingy little building they squeezed in where Gorin’s diner used to be? I have it on good authority that it was designed by a very cross orc who was having a very bad day. No lie. Check it out. But that’s not all. These guys are so bent on filling the world with their inhuman designs that they are beginning by switching the meanings of words to confuse people and possibly to kill innocent fish. Read on…
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Secrets of Grade School Hygiene

A few days ago I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been having trouble flossing between my lower left molars and asked the hygienist to try to find and remove the obstruction. Thankfully, she was able to clear the area without invoking the dread whine of a 10,000rpm grinder. It was while she had her hands jammed deep inside my mouth, yanking industrial floss back and forth through my teeth, that I had a flashback of a McGuyver-esque substitute for dental floss that I discovered back in junior high. I decided that if I made it out of the chair alive I would share a few of my secrets of grade school hygiene with the world.
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Cirque Lite

I took my Mom to see an extended performance of the Cirque du Soleil show ‘Delirium‘ earlier tonight, making good on my promise to take her to see Cirque shows whenever they’re in town. We also got to see (and smell) a man having a section-clearing barf and ran into the TV show ‘Vanished’, which happened to be shooting down near Philips and the Georgia Dome overnight. The Cirque show?
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