An Ode to a Troll

Have you ever belonged to an internet community that was invaded by a troll? Have you ever seen what happened when the regular members of that community banded together to defend their forums and chase away the troll? That happened recently and a jagged poem leapt from my fingers to the screen. I present my pram to the internet, I call it ‘An Ode to a Troll’.
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Crouching Woman, Hidden Potty

It's Hover Time
It’s that time of the year again kids, the time when stinky, blue plastic boxes dot the fringes of every concert, festival and jamboree this side of the Spring Equinox. You may know these plastic boxes of which I speak by many different brand names, names like: Port-o-let, Porta John, Porta Potty… sure they’re going for the idea of “portable” but after you’ve used one you get the idea that the “porta” prefix might more accurately be derived from the old saying “any port in a storm”. I say that because it’s an act of sheer desperation to clamber up into one of these blue boxes for a quick Continue reading Crouching Woman, Hidden Potty