I Left About That Time

My Dad once told me a long, fascinating story from his youth that kept building and building, every twist and turn made the story more fantastic. Just when I thought the tale couldn’t get any wilder it surged above and beyond my grasp, building toward a final payoff that I knew must certainly be the most wonderful thing I would ever hear. Finally, unable to contain myself any longer, I asked him what happened next. He replied, “Well, I left about that time.”
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Selling Out To Google

Regular subscribers may have noticed that I’ve been quietly experimenting with adding text ads from Google in the sidebar, prompted by an article in Wired magazine about people who generate pocket money from their websites. Unfortunately, my initial attempt didn’t generate enough money to buy a piece of penny candy since I jammed the ads at the bottom of the sidebar because they looked so ugly. So I’m trying again, with a little more finesse: I’ve removed the ads from the sidebar and am giving them a trial run at the top of full article listings. They currently only work in the default style “Special Request”, so pick a different theme if they annoy you (or make a comment below). The ads are supposed to be dynamically generated based on the content already on the page, so if I write an article on my new pair of shoes you might see the ads featuring links to online shoe stores. The results are occasionally flabbergasting, for instance…
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Dead Man’s Chest

[rate 4]
I sacrificed attending the general release opening of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean 2 : Dead Man’s Chest” to support an art opening in Decatur, which might seem unbelievable if you’ve ever been accosted by my alter-ego Cap’n Drew, a solid fan of all things piratic. Last night I dragged said alter-ego out to see the film and have to say that we were generally pleased (in the royal sense) with the picture, swashing four buckles out of five. Being both a sequel, the middle act of a trilogy and a star-studded summer blockbuster, ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ was fated to be jammed underneath the lens of “entertainment journalists” who immediately began grousing about the movie being nothing more than a sack full of exposition and needless action; a mere setup for the third and final movie “At World’s End”. I only have one question: “Did any of you guys see “The Empire Strikes Back”?.
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Digital Television

This one’s for my non-technical readers.

You may not be aware of this but television in the United States is going to be changing in a big way in the next few years: if you rely on over-the-air transmissions (rabbit ears) to receive television signals your television is going to stop working on or before February 17, 2009. The FCC is requiring that all full-power stations move to digital transmission by next year which means that unless your television is equipped to decode and process digital signals you may begin to experience the “blackout” before the 2009 deadline.

But, there’s no need to panic.

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All Nudes Rave

All Nudes
This past Friday I was driving toward Decatur to attend an art opening at my friend Elliott Boswell’s gallery, an opening featuring nudes. The hook? Naked models being body painted and free “nude” martinis. As I navigated the twisty turns of Ponce from Atlanta toward Decatur I called a few art department people I expected to see there, to see what time they expected to make it… you know, driving chatter. Of course none of them answered so I left one of my trademark annoying fake messages for each of them, cranking up Album 88‘s 400bpm dance music show on my car radio and pretending that I was already at the gallery, well into my 18th free vodka. As it turns out, that little bit of theater was fairly accurate insofar as far as the pulsing dance music went…. by the time I got there it was fairly well a rave!
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A Whole New Level

Another Level??
Last Sunday my friend Scott asked me if I had gone back to look into the hole in the wall behind the white truck in the company parking garage, something I’d completely forgotten about in the months since I first mentioned it here. It’s normally easy to forget about that hole because I don’t usually park near that old truck anyway. On Friday evening I stayed a little late to catch up on work before heading over to the Boswell Gallery for the reception to their nudes show. As I was headed toward the car I glanced down the garage and noticed that my car and the old white truck were the only vehicles on the bottom level and recalling Scott’s question I decided to take a peek into the hole. You won’t believe what I saw!!
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