Clear Channel Coup

I work in the same building as all of the Clear Channel radio stations (AM640 WGST, 96 Rock, Peach 94.9, Viva, etc). A few weeks ago they fired the morning DJs on 96Rock and a week or so later they flat out changed the format of the station, jettisoning its name and re-badging it as “Project 9-6-1“, a faceless jukebox station with no local flavor.
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InDecisive InDesign

Print to Good PaperAt our office I occasionally have a problem getting Adobe InDesign CS2 to print to Tray 4 on our Xerox DocuColor 2240 copier. It’s been a frustrating, intermittent problem and having recently re-re-re-discovered the solution to the problem (software inspired user error) I’ve decided to publish it here in hopes of foregoing further frustration in the future and perhaps ensuring a reduction of my public use of alliteration.
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Would You Believe, a Nilly Noo Sto?

Would You Believe...
I was probably 9 years old when I travelled down to Clearwater, Florida, for a summer vacation with my Great Aunt Della, my Great Uncle Biffo and my cousin Cheryl. It was probably the closest I ever got to “summer camp” but it wasn’t really all that bad because that was the summer that I fell in love with the girl in the white, green and red floral-patterned bikini. She was probably no older than 19 and she was captivating, which was baffling because I knew that I was supposed to be catching lizards, feeding seagulls, building sandcastles and generally being a little boy. But somehow all I could do was look forward to seeing the girl in the bikini showering herself off outside our window after a swim in the warm Gulf waters. It didn’t hurt that she’d save a friendly smile for me…
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Parker’s Wizard

Mmmm, Kirstie Alley
This evening I caught the video of actress Kirstie Alley strutting her stuff in bra and panties to show off her “new body” to Oprah, God and Everybody. Nice job Kirstie, you’re elbowing your way back onto my list of sexy actresses. All this celebratory hooplah has nearly made me lose the remaining guilt that I harbor over my part in your breakup from Parker. What? Didn’t I ever tell you guys that story? Continue reading Parker’s Wizard

Developing Nations and Singers

Juliana Finch and Five Day Drive
The internet keeps getting more interesting in so many unexpected ways. The newest thing that I’ve seen is, a website that allows you to invest in businesspeople in developing countries. Instead of giving them money, making them forever dependant on your handouts, you make loans to them to help them get their dream businesses off the ground. Some of these budding entrepreneurs are truly touching. I’m going to try this eventually, being pushed into it by some of the folks over at AppleNova. I was interested, but not surprised to see that one of the people in my newer circle of friends, singer Juliana Finch, is giving a similar internet loan website a whirl in a bid to raise enough money to produce her first true studio album, the one that will surely launch her star.

The friends we share in common, most of them singers, assure me that Juliana will indeed be famous one day, it’s only a matter of time and funding. Click over to her MySpace page for a sample of her work.

Juliana is being invited to perform at larger and larger venues around Atlanta, perhaps you’ve already seen her. I look forward to investing in Juliana’s career, after all, how cool would it be to tell people that you helped finance a famous singer? Pretty darned cool. How cool would it be to say that you’ve financed a famous singer AND made a loan to a grocer in a tiny developing nation somewhere in the world? Amazing cool.