My Tolkien Ringbox

Here’s some video of the crowning achievement of my wooden box building phase in the early 90s: my Tolkien-inspired RingBox. Built entirely by hand without working drawings, the spring mechanism was perfected straight out of my toolbox…. tinkering and tinkering until it worked. The wood I used was from one of those bags of scrap wood you can find at hobby stores, and I’m not sure what all the types you see here actually are…. cherry maybe? Not sure. The carving on the top is from an illustration by J.R.R. Tolkien used on his book ‘The Hobbit’.

Be sure to visit the full photo gallery of this Tolkien ring box on Flickr, and don’t miss the rPhoneâ„¢ while you’re there!

The runic lettering is from Tolkien’s transliterated English alphabet, and the rune that looks like the letter ‘S’ actually DOES stand for the English letter ‘S’…. which is great because it’s also the letter on the button that opens the secret compartment on the top of the box. This is great because ‘S’ stands for ‘Sauron’…. see?? And…. if you look in the video you can see that the ‘S’ rune button does poke out a bit more than the other keys, but that’s just because I got lazy and didn’t adjust back into place before shooting the video.

I built this thing in the early 90s, long before the Peter Jackson film series debuted. Pretty cool, huh?

And Peter? This isn’t for sale!!

4 thoughts on “My Tolkien Ringbox”

  1. Thanks for the mention!!
    You know, I’ve never seen any sort of Tolkien boxes anywhere before… though I’d have to believe that there are chess sets out there with a Middle Earth motif.

  2. Your boxes are *way* cooler than the ones I made.
    But that was one of my *favorite* things to do when I was a kid. I still kinda make them, but now they’re mostly to hold jewelry and whatchamabobbers..

    You are awesome!

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