Understanding the Mac Hard Drive

Macintosh HD Organization

I’m posting this article to help a friend understand the organization of files on their Macintosh computer running OS X 10.4 (also known as “Tiger”). For many non-technical users there’s a big disconnect between the visual nature of the desktop environment and the nested folder navigation of a Finder window. This article presents a basic explanation, in terms these users might understand, and I realize that I may violate some naming conventions and terminology that more advanced users prefer.

Everything you see on your computer screen lives on your hard drive, the topmost item on the chart shown above. The hard drive is a hermetically sealed box with magnetically charged glass platters which rotate at mad speeds like a crazy jet-powered Continue reading Understanding the Mac Hard Drive

Fred’s Fast Food

My Dad is a genius with a jar of mayonnaise, as demonstrated from this improvised cooking video from the late 1980s. I’m wondering if we can get him a cooking show of his own, I mean!! They’re giving those things away like toasters at a bank opening! Anyway, the giggle you get from this video is probably worth two minutes of your time.