Scars from The Cancer Grenade

My Robotic Surgery
I made the accompanying USA Today style illustration to show the location of my scars without grossing anyone out, and to tell the story of how I decided to let a surgeon and his robot use tiny little surgical tools inside of my body.

In the fall of 2008 I went to my new primary care doctor for a physical. My PSA levels were high so we ran a round of antibiotics to see if it was an infection of some sort. After two weeks we re-tested and the levels were just as high so I went to see a urologist, who suggested that everything pointed toward the need for a biopsy. I opted to wait until after the holidays.

On January 27th of 2009 I went into the hospital for a surgical biopsy. Three days later the doctor was on the phone telling me that I had prostate cancer. Somehow I knew that I was going to get that call, but it still shocked me to my core. On the way home that night I called an old friend to tell him the news, still trying to make sense of it myself. Later, I wrote a letter to a friend living out of state as I didn’t want to Continue reading Scars from The Cancer Grenade

Need Help Naming My New Pillow Girlfriend

My New Pillow Girlfriend

One night earlier this week I woke up embracing one of my big J.C. Penny brand pillows, with my hand slid up inside the pillowcase… I’m not especially proud of this, but I’m pretty sure that I got to second base. The problem is, I didn’t know “her” name. So I’ve asked my friends to help me name this new pillow girlfriend and am posting a poll with all of their suggestions in the hopes that Continue reading Need Help Naming My New Pillow Girlfriend