You need to know that I’m Shakespignorant. There are enough things that I don’t know about William Shakespeare to fill a book 2 leagues tall and 6 Banquos wide. I mean, sure, I’m familiar enough with his characters, his plotlines and his quotes that I can bluff my way through a crowd of snobby actors ranged viciously around a free bar just before it switches to a cash bar, but that’s just because they’re all usually drunk or under the misapprehension that I’m a producer or a gold medallion contributor to the theater (because that is in fact what I tell them). But, if truth be told, I possess a far richer knowledge of television legends like the Clampett Family, Batman, Sigmund the Sea Monster and Alf than I could ever hope to have for the works of the legendary English Bard. So went I unto the Shakespeare Tavern in downtown Atlanta last night, with great hopes of lessening my Shakespignorance upon the viewing of “The Merchant of Venice” featuring Doug Kaye in the role of the villainous victim Shylock.
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