Stan Swofford : On-Set Medic

Stan has modified his EZ-GO ST480 cart well beyond the stock model he first started with back in 2001. From giant gnarly tires to hardened, coated protective grillwork around the emergency flashers, this ride is built for action. Most work carts have simple controls; a keyed ignition, a forward/reverse lever, a brake pedal and a gas pedal. Stan’s cart, on the other hand, is festooned with instrumentation… the kind of work cart that an F-16 pilot might use.

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Heinous Bienfang

At one memorable concert, Heinous actually passed out drunk onstage during the band’s finale. Fittingly(?) one of his band-mates produced a large fish (possibly a mackeral) from a cooler, and tossed it to the frenzied crowd. Within moments Heinous fans had torn the fish to bits and a fish fight of the most terrible sort ensued. Dottie’s never smelled good after that.

Come to think of it, it never smelled good in there before that.

Heinous Bienfang, Saturday, August 27th at Black Box Rehearsal Space concert.

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