Google Stops Chasing Waterfalls

Google Maps is bad at naming rivers

At some point it seems that Google Maps stopped chasing waterfalls and in the process stopped sticking to the rivers and lakes (and streams) that they’re used to and pretty much gave up on naming a variety of watercourses. You’ll never guess where I had to turn to to get the information that Google couldn’t supply. Continue reading Google Stops Chasing Waterfalls

How to Turn Off Automatic Sound on Facebook Videos

Did you recently receive this rather helpful message from Facebook’s mobile app?

“We’re always working to make Facebook a better place to watch videos. That’s why videos now play with sound on automatically. Use the volume icon on any video to make the sound right for you.”

Well it popped up on my screen and I sure do wish that I had clicked on that “Learn More” button because it might have spared me from what started happening about 4 days later: every freaking video I scrolled across began Continue reading How to Turn Off Automatic Sound on Facebook Videos

Not Quite Dead Yet!

drewprops_redesign_001I wonder how long it takes for a blog to go without being updated before it becomes labelled as being dead, because 16 months have passed since my last post and just in case there’s some sort of Internet neighborhood association out there who drive over to your house on a random Tuesday afternoon to evict you from the blogosphere, I’d just like to announce to all four of my readers right now that Continue reading Not Quite Dead Yet!

IE7 Phantom Floated Image Bug

IE7 Phantom Floated Image BugI discovered a rendering problem of my website while viewing it on Internet Explorer 7 (IE7): floated images were leaving big chunky “holes” in otherwise normal blocks of paragraphs. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a solution and am posting it here to help jog my memory the next time I run across it. This bug has likely been documented already and probably has some really cool name like “Phantom Floated Image Bug” but just in case it hasn’t been named, that’s what I’m calling it. Before you read any farther you need to know this: I don’t pretend to be a master of Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) and I can’t possibly take a look at your site’s code (I’d probably screw it up for you anyway). I just post the solutions that I’ve found here for my own benefit, if they help you then feel free to leave a comment telling me that I saved you some time! That said, let’s squash this Continue reading IE7 Phantom Floated Image Bug

Using WordPress Categories

WordPress Category InterfaceI’m helping some friends from the film industry set up a free blog on and have discovered stumbling blocks within the WordPress interface that flumoxes non-technical users. In today’s lesson I’ll show you how to “assign your post to a category”. It’s something that every blogger should do and best of all it’s really Continue reading Using WordPress Categories

Safety Yellow: HUMP!!

Safety Yellow Hump!!!If pressed to pick a favorite color I’d have to go with what we here in the United States call “Safety Yellow”. If I had to guess, I’d say that my affinity for this arresting color began with my interest in Winnie the Pooh (actually, his pot of honey). It soon shifted to an awed respect of a giant Tonka crane (which I still have), it was boosted by a very cool “adventure man” truck toy (which I would pay $100 to own again), it was set afire by a beautifully tanned blonde (in a safety yellow bikini) on a Florida beach who absolutely Continue reading Safety Yellow: HUMP!!

Briding Method website debuts on April 10thThis evening I’m celebrating the conclusion of six months’ hard labor with the launch of a new website called Developed by well-known Atlanta architect and businessman George Heery, the Bridging Method is a building construction project delivery method enjoying increased popularity in the United States, particularly (at this time) in California. Deceptively simple in layout, the website is crammed full of legal text, diagrams, downloadable PDF documents and a 45-minute, 5-chapter, step-by-step tutorial on how the Bridging Method works.
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Re-Theming the Site

Back when I switched over to WordPress from MovableType I was deep in the throes of learning PHP and CSS and pretty much cobbled together the most outlandish hijack of WordPress ever invented. Since then, I’ve learned a lot more about how WordPress works and came to realize how needlessly complicated the underpinnings of this site are….. so, over the next few months I’ll be tweaking things around a bit. I just wanted to warn you, all four of my readers.

Selling Out To Google

Regular subscribers may have noticed that I’ve been quietly experimenting with adding text ads from Google in the sidebar, prompted by an article in Wired magazine about people who generate pocket money from their websites. Unfortunately, my initial attempt didn’t generate enough money to buy a piece of penny candy since I jammed the ads at the bottom of the sidebar because they looked so ugly. So I’m trying again, with a little more finesse: I’ve removed the ads from the sidebar and am giving them a trial run at the top of full article listings. They currently only work in the default style “Special Request”, so pick a different theme if they annoy you (or make a comment below). The ads are supposed to be dynamically generated based on the content already on the page, so if I write an article on my new pair of shoes you might see the ads featuring links to online shoe stores. The results are occasionally flabbergasting, for instance…
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Introducing 2006 PiratePalooza Website

Zowie, I’ve had a busy weekend of posting to this blog!! This is to let everyone know that last week I quietly rolled a brand new version of the PiratePalooza website for 2006, check it out (it makes this site look tired). If you still haven’t seen the short “web-commercials” we shot for last year’s PiratePalooza pubcrawl then stop what you’re doing now and click here to see the darned videos!!!. I have about six solid ideas for PP commercials for this year and expect that the other merry folks behind PiratePalooza will have just as many. If anyone has an extra 3-chipper laying around gathering dust you know how to get in touch with me~