Mary-Lynn Rajskub’s Amazingly Animated Ass

Mary-Lynn Rajskub Animated Ass
If you’re not a fan of the Fox television series ’24’ you’re probably unaware that actress Mary-Lynn Rajskub has become the gold standard for sexy nerd girls with her portrayal of super computer jockette Chloe O’Brien. Mary-Lynn’s pouty lips, her thousand pixel stare and breathless delivery of lines like “deactivation of the encrypted file relay” has ensured that she will forever be lusted after by pear-shaped code jockeys the world over (myself included). What’s funny is that I’ve done two shows featuring Mary-Lynn: the first was “Run Ronnie Run” (her scenes were shot in LA), and “Sweet Home Alabama”. It was on “Sweet Home” that I became forever fascinated with Mary-Lynn’s ass.
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