My Biggest Mis-Steak

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As anyone in his or her right mind knows, Saturday television is for watching cooking shows on PBS. My longtime favorite has been Martin Yan’s show “Yan Can Cook”. He’s entertaining, well-prepared and obviously loves to cook. Before Martin Yan, my favorite TV cook was the legendary Cajun chef Justin Wilson. Who cared what he was cooking, it was just fun to hear him talk. Maybe all the best chefs have funny accents.
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Annette Fierro Publishes!

I found an article about a book that’s recently been published by MIT Press by former Hot Rats professor Annette Fierro. Here’s the blurb about it from–

The Glass State: The Technology of the Spectacle, Paris 1981-1998

From the Gothic to the contemporary, glass has transformed the structural, formal, and philosophical principles of architecture. In The Glass State, Annette Fierro views the many meanings of transparency in architecture. Specifically, she analyzes the transparent monumental buildings that were built in Paris between 1981 and 1998 as part of Fran├žois Mitterrand’s program of Grands Projets.
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