Cardboard Dawn

So, like, last year we (the cardboard troopers) discussed something “new” (and socially disruptive) that we could do at Dragon*Con. The activity that rose to the top of our pile at this year’s Dragon*Don was to crash the Dawn Look-a-like competition, a costume contest devoted to one comic book entitled “Dawn”… a dramatic series about a “goddess” who dresses in lace and armor, which we all know to be important elements in any elemental struggle between good and sexy. Always a T&A show, the Dawn competition is the brainchild of a fellow named Joseph Michael Linsner, and was rife for a raid by those merry pranksters of merriment, whose only goal at Dragon*Con is to make people smile and remember that the weekend is supposed to be about genuine fun. While Dawn may come in every shape and color, we knew that our Dawn would be BIG, BOXY and far too unwieldy to manage lingerie… chiefly, that cardboard trooper known as “Gallo Whirlpool”… with big pink balloons taped onto his chestplate… but then, I explain too much… take a look at the video!!

Tornado Damage to GWCC!

On our way to the hockey game on Tuesday evening we passed by the Georgia World Congress Center, which was hammered by the tornado that plowed through downtown back in March. Looking like the sort of modern architecture rarely executed in Atlanta, this video shows how the west wall of the building is virtually sheathed in a layer of plywood. Counting the filled-in panes it looks like there could easily be more than 500 pieces of glass to be replaced on just the west side of this, Atlanta’s largest convention center. Near the end of the video you can see some of the damage to the towers downtown. Amazing!

Update: For those who might be worried, I was a backseat passenger when I shot this video.