Poor Man’s Pile-Up

Poor Man's Pile-Up

One day, during the first season of the Aaron Spelling television series “Savannah“, we found ourselves faced with shooting a scene between the characters Dean (David Gail) and Lane (Robyn Lively). The scene was set at night and featured our two actors sitting in a parked pickup truck beside a moderately busy highway. The problem was, it was in the middle of the day and we were inside the old lumber warehouse that had been converted into our ersatz stage.

We were going to have to fake it.

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We Fly Real Fast

Richard and Carol LangDo any of you remember the mixture of giddy excitement and utter bafflement that swirled around the production of the “pre-pilot” for the Aaron Spelling series “Savannah” back in 1995? The production seemed to swing from silver spoon to shoestring with wild abandon. We were in high cotton during the swank wedding exteriors that we shot at the house of that Atlanta Barbecue sauce magnate (with the really hot redheaded trophy wife). And it wasn’t too bad when we shot at the clubhouse at Eagle’s Landing. But the day that we rolled into the as-yet-unfinished Delta terminal at Hartsfield International Airport? That was pure guerrilla filmmaking. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were really lucky to have Richard Lang directing.
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Long Lost Savannah Crew Photo

Savannah Crew Photo Back around 1996 we wrapped production of the Aaron Spelling television series ‘Savannah’. As things drew to an end the producers organized a crew photo in the riverboat set, unfortunately the folks in Los Angeles never bothered to send that photo to any of us. Knowing better than to trust in Los Angeles I brought my own camera setup to work that day. For a larger version click here (opens in a new window). For those of you who worked on the show see how many of your former crewmates you can spot. For those of you who were fans of the show see how many of the castmembers you can spot!