Fred’s Fast Food

My Dad is a genius with a jar of mayonnaise, as demonstrated from this improvised cooking video from the late 1980s. I’m wondering if we can get him a cooking show of his own, I mean!! They’re giving those things away like toasters at a bank opening! Anyway, the giggle you get from this video is probably worth two minutes of your time.

Black Dog: Behind the Scenes

Camera operator Tom Weston and actor Patrick Swayze in the cab of the  hero truck of Black Dog. A stunt man drove the truck from a rig on the roof of the cab.

Here’s a post from behind the scenes of the production of the film Black Dog, starring Patrick Swayze and featuring rock legend Meatloaf as a villain. A lot happened on this movie, from an actor bowing out to an accidental explosion near the end that injured several crewmembers.

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