Fred’s Fast Food

My Dad is a genius with a jar of mayonnaise, as demonstrated from this improvised cooking video from the late 1980s. I’m wondering if we can get him a cooking show of his own, I mean!! They’re giving those things away like toasters at a bank opening! Anyway, the giggle you get from this video is probably worth two minutes of your time.

The Curse of the Black Dog

Patrick Swayze and Tom Weston

Due to the untimely demise of actor Heath Ledger and the recent one-car accident by beloved entertainer Morgan Freeman, the American mass media has gleefully started pushing the idea that the latest Batman film “The Dark Knight” is cursed. And, while I do have my own infinitesimally tiny connection to Tim Burton’s original Batman picture, I know nothing about this latest Batman show and its potential damnations. I do, on the other hand, have the scoop (including photos!) on a Patrick Swayze film that was absolutely, positively cursed†; from an aneurysm at the beginning to an accidental explos Continue reading The Curse of the Black Dog