I’ve Been Waiting for This Moment

Somebody on one of my social networks recently mentioned that they were experiencing the “Nighttime Blues”, an overpowering feeling of unfulfillment which sends them crawling over the internet searching for that certain “something”, something they can’t identify. This reminded me that I began to recognize my own “nocturnal ennui” in the mid-1980s with (of all things) a commercial for Michelob beer, set to the song “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. Glittery Manhattan skyscrapers, sexy 80s women, darkened clubs with live music, people on the street, steamy sewer grates…. all I knew is that I needed to be in the car driving somewhere. Sometimes I still do.

Jeff Garlin Loves Doughnuts!

Jeff Garlin and Leo Murphy

This is a photo of actor Jeff Garlin holding a box of doughnuts, standing next to Leo Murphy, the Propmaster from Robocop 3 (shot here in Atlanta back in 1991). Now, I know that it’s Jeff Garlin, because I remember taking the photo. But… there’s no way that you can tell that it’s Jeff because the film was “skunked”, obliterating part of the image, which was often the case of Polaroid film on set..


Birds bar in Hollywood Monday was my last night in Los Angeles and my friend Tally and her buds David and Erin invited me to hang out with them at a local hangout named Birds. At their suggestion I booked a room three streets down at the Best Western on Franklin, which only turned out to be the same hotel that I stayed in on my very first trip out to L.A. back in the mid-90’s.
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