Highway To Glidden

Have Roller Will Travel

Have you ever been watching an old car chase movie and thought to yourself “Gee, there sure are a lot of skid marks right there…” just as the good guy’s car fishtails its way onto the asphalt exactly where you spotted the skid marks? Until the advent of computer graphics technology, long black trails of rubber were a thorn in the side of action film editors; these days you can hire a skilled computer artist to erase all those pesky skid marks over a long lunch. I personally never gave car chase skid mark continuity a thought until working Second Unit with my Propmaster friend Joe Connolly on a wreck of a movie named “Black Dog“, back in 1997.
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At the Gun Range with Meatloaf & Hercules

Back in 1997 I worked on a B-grade truck-driving action film called Black Dog, starring Patrick Swayze, Meatloaf, and Randy Travis. Here’s a link to an article I posted featuring behind the scenes stories from that production. But here’s one more story about the time I went to the gun range with Meatloaf, Hercules, and Randy Travis.

Patrick Swayze replaced actor Kevin Sorbo in the lead role very early in production, but not before our department hosted a “getting to know your gun” seminar for Sorbo, Loaf, and Travis at a local police gun range somewhere east of I-285, south of I-20.

This is that story…

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