Celebrating Celebration

On the weekend of March 7th I traveled down to Orlando, Florida, to see the Atlanta Braves play the Philadelphia Phillies during Spring Training. My travel package included housing in the iconic New Urbanist community of Celebration, which was developed by The Walt Disney Company in the early 1990s. While the video documentary featured here is a good primer for anyone considering taking up Continue reading Celebrating Celebration

Poor Man’s Pile-Up

Poor Man's Pile-Up

One day, during the first season of the Aaron Spelling television series “Savannah“, we found ourselves faced with shooting a scene between the characters Dean (David Gail) and Lane (Robyn Lively). The scene was set at night and featured our two actors sitting in a parked pickup truck beside a moderately busy highway. The problem was, it was in the middle of the day and we were inside the old lumber warehouse that had been converted into our ersatz stage.

We were going to have to fake it.

To simulate a busy highway in the out-of-focus background, it was decided that we’d use a clumsy Continue reading Poor Man’s Pile-Up