The Making of “You Wouldn’t Believe Our World”

Back in my college years the talk show Late Night with David Letterman was a delightfully subversive, highly imaginative way to end the day. The writers were whip smart and the bits they did would have become viral sensations if today’s socially networks had existed back then. The other night I was out having a few beers with a friend ten years my junior who had missed out on the imaginative era of David Letterman and I mentioned a mock commercial that I often think about, whose title eluded Continue reading The Making of “You Wouldn’t Believe Our World”

I’ve Been Waiting for This Moment

Somebody on one of my social networks recently mentioned that they were experiencing the “Nighttime Blues”, an overpowering feeling of unfulfillment which sends them crawling over the internet searching for that certain “something”, something they can’t identify. This reminded me that I began to recognize my own “nocturnal ennui” in the mid-1980s with (of all things) a commercial for Michelob beer, set to the song “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. Glittery Manhattan skyscrapers, sexy 80s women, darkened clubs with live music, people on the street, steamy sewer grates…. all I knew is that I needed to be in the car driving somewhere. Sometimes I still do.

Spinning, Flopping, Bucking & Sucking

Yes, the title of this post sounds exciting and dirty, but it is in fact a very accurate description of some special effect chairs that were built over at Scenario Custom Scenery a few years ago for a set of commercials for Badcock Furniture. I personally worked on the first chair shown in this video…. check it out and I’ll explain a bit more afterward:

Okay, in the first part of that video you saw a chair’s upholstery being sucked up into a vacuum cleaner, right? Well here’s how it worked…. Continue reading Spinning, Flopping, Bucking & Sucking

The Time I Worked for Joe Pytka

Joe Pytka is often described as the most talented, most prolific, most influential commercial director of All Time (even with the severe ding for “Space Jam” subtracted from his scorecard). The depth and breadth of Pytka’s work is nothing short of incredible and advertising agencies line up to kiss his butt ALL DAY LONG. And Your Pal Drew worked for Mr. Pytka for a couple of days back in the late 1990’s. Of course it was an adventure….

My friend Joe Connolly (hereafter referred to as “JoeProps”) received a call from Producer Gina Cascino about working a commercial for Delta Airlines, a commercial that would run during the Atlanta Olympic Games. It was being shot in Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta and probably a few more cities that escape me.

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Spectre, Shatner and Shorts

Shatner Industrial Film
This weekend I attended a tiny science fiction convention called ‘Sci Fi Summer Con’ for the second year in a row. In my opinion the very best thing this fledgling convention has going for it is the ‘Board Room’ where a gentleman (whose name I have yet to learn) runs a 16mm projector for most of the day, showing old television shows, old movie trailers and ancient industrial films featuring celebrities from the world of science fiction.
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