The Time I Showed Lando My Lightsaber

Back around 1999 or 2000 an Atlanta-based Assistant Director, Todd Turner, leveraged the resources of the film ‘Unshackled’ to complete his first indie film, ‘Good Neighbor’. Shot up in Winder 40 minutes north of Atlanta, the low-budget film was bound to be an unremarkable shelf-warmer but Todd was able to parlay his relationship with local film crews to help him get the movie shot.

Todd Turner and Billy Dee WilliamsHere you see Director/Producer Todd Turner speaking with Billy Dee Williams, possibly about having me and my Jedi weapon escorted far, far away from set.

Ultimately, a lot of Todd’s crew were publicly and demonstratively unhappy with how a much ballyhooed back-end deal failed to materialize (lesson of the day kids, never work for a back-end deal). Happily, I intentionally worked on the movie for free simply to help out a friend and for the opportunity to meet actor Billy Dee Williams.
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